Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prime Time Affirmations

So JennLui at a trinket treasury has a lovely way to start each week. Every Monday evening she posts an affirmation card for Mantra Mondays. It is always something inspiring and well, affirming, ;-) and gives a focus for the week ahead. Jenn also encourages others to play along, to make their own affirmation cards or to share the messages they get from cards they play with (ie: angel cards, tarot cards, etc).

I have been wanting to play along with the mantra fun but like everything else right now, it had to wait until Kim Time felt right. Even now, my Mantra Monday ended up to be Mantra Tuesday ! But I guess that is just how it is ! Accept it and move on, Kimbo ! (Release, right ;-))
As I mentioned yesterday, I have been loving my moments with Jen Lemen's Trust Cards and I decided to use those as an inspiration for my mantra this week. The card this morning read :

You CAN take your Time.

How cool is that ? Fits right in with the whole Kim Time, Prime Time (what I am calling this period of doing "nothink"), doing things when the time feels right, etc...Thing ! Perfect ! Love it when the Universe confirms things for me oh so well !

Here's my journal page affirmation from this morning :

Nothing fancy - just a quickie page to reinforce the message in my mind.

So Jennlui and I invite you to come an play along with Mantra Mondays. If you don't feel like making your own affirmation, you can always just go check out the mantras from others and adopt one for your week.

Focusing on the positive is like play time or doing "nothink" - prime it and it will flow...


Melissa said...

That page is fab-you-lush! I'm in Melissa Time for my mantra card.

~Snuggle Puggles~

Sherry said...

Love your journal page Kim and the mantra you created came from your deepest, creative spirit!!

I think I must check out Mantra Monday!!

Anonymous said...

*LOVE* your journal page kim!!! such a perfect affirmation for this time of the year too... with the new year and a thousand and one new ideas it's so important to remember to take our time... no rush... i was just thinking of that this morning, how i don't need to get everything done this month!!! ha ha ha!!! i can pace myself. thank YOU for this beautiful reminder!!!

and thanks for joining in my my mantra monday FUN!!! yay yay yay!!!

peace and love to you kim!!!

carolyn said...

hey kim!
happy new year. i love your term "nothink".
i've been doing that a lot lately!
your journal page (like all of them) is way cool.

Genie Sea said...

AH... nothink time! I want me some of that! :) Love the card... it magically delicious.

Susan Tuttle said...

What a beautiful way to reinforce the affirmation card -- sounds like a wonderful way to let the morning unfold. I will remember this card in the morning as i try to get two little ones out the door on time --lol.

thank you for the sweetest comment that you left me -- I felt so lucky.


Nadya said...

That is such a great affirmation - & so 'timely' lol!! I am often on 'goddess time' & always appreciate when I don't HAVE TO be on someone else's schedule!

love the journal page - I want to do more fun stuff in mine!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm really liking this idea of doing "nothink." That's where most (if not all) of my problems stem from: thinking too much. This and doing things on your own time all fits in perfectly with the "Release" theme. Thanks for your lovely comments and compliments! They're like a warm, soft, soothing hug to me right now. Me too! I am so glad to be sharing this path of Release with a beautiful, bright, shining soul! Lot's of love and light your way!

Anonymous said...

And I love your journal page for this. It's got this wonderful gentle, yet energizing quality about it. And the message that comes through to me is "You are FREE to BE yourself!"

arlene said...

I am taking a big, long breather too. I like your grandmothers advice. I think I'll adopt it for the day...or week. Is that OK Kim?
Your journal page is so spot on.