Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun down at the old swimming hole...

So it is Friday am and my pal Suzanne and her sweet pooch, Sam, just left. It was such fun to have them here. Suzanne is a friend from Montreal. We know each other so well. We used to be room mates way back when and she was also my mentor and cheerleader when I went back to school at 28 to do my teaching degree. We really "get" each other.

This week was about hanging out, doing the usual shopping trips (ie: house wares, book and craft stores) and spending time with the hounds. Suzanne adopted 6 year old Sam last summer when she bought her very own, first house. This was Sam's first trip to NH in the summer so a trip to Our Favorite Doggie Friendly Swimming Hole was a must !

Chica has a blast with her new buddy. She also in madly in love with her ball.

Chica goes after the ball...

And Sam herds Chica, fine Old English Sheepdog that he is !

The two dogs are developing a friendship, becoming a pack if you will,

And puppy love is so very fun to watch happen !

I am missing my paints and my toys, even though it was so great to have my friend here for the week. My fingers are itching to use my dip pen and my Indian ink. I think I will put in some art journal time this morning and then get the house tidy again for a Friday night dinner with my other friend, Christine who lives her in Manchester. Poor Dave - he is a "chick time" widower again ! That's okay, we will catch up with each other on the weekend. It feels like summer here today - FINALLY ! Sunny, humid and the temps in the 80's. Dinner and drinks out on the deck tonight! Yippee !

Hope you are getting the most out of your summer Friday !

You know I had to include this ! Oh, how I used to sway to this one when I was a teeny-bopper ! Here's to "Puppy Love !" :)


Anne said...

Hi, Kim! What great pics of Sam and Chica! Looks and sounds like ya'll had a blast! Yay! :-)

Jennifer said...

Awww, they look so adorable! I love the last pict of them running, ears back and so happy. They look like they "get" each other too :) Glad you guys had fun and YAY for chick time.

Sherry said...

Donny Osmond!! You too???? And "Puppy Love" -- I played that over and over and over!!! :)

I love your photographs...these two dogs are so beautiful (even dripping wet) and to see them sharing time and space together...bliss!