Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye-bye, July !

When I lived in Montreal, I spent a lot of time at Lac Bibitte.

As a teacher, I had the summer off and usually spent about three or four weeks of the summer up there.

Now, being 7 or 8 hours away (depending on the crazy-ass Montreal traffic),

summer time spent up there is much rarer.

This weekend was short but oh so sweet at the Lake.


Precious cosmos in full bloom – planted this year by my sweet auntie Lise, in the same spot my dad used to plant them every summer.


The lake watcher on our lawn, again my Dad’s creation (see where I get my rock fairy genes ?).

He now sits hidden in long grass as cutting the lawn is prohibited in order to preserve the shore line. Things stay the same. Things change…


There are shadows of the past everywhere for me in this spot on the planet.

And yet, the present moment is so available when you focus there.

It was sweet to have my beautiful Mommy there with us this weekend, right where she belongs among some of my very favorite people on Earth.

And of course, this one…


She fills me ( and her Uncle Dave) bursting full of love, giggles and silly joy !


Family fills you up.

Even the loons know that !

(Mommy, Daddy and baby loon out for an afternoon fishing troll…)


As do hugs from this beautiful woman, my aunt/sister/mother/friend/cheerleader/role model of strength and womanhood, Lise. And her hubby of 40 years, my uncle Charlie.


Heck, we even had an abundance of puppy love at the Lake this weekend,

with Amber, Charlie and Lise’s dog at the top of the screen, Tonka, my cousin Matt’s ugly beautiful girl, and


my sweet Chica, angel dog who was in Yellow Lab heaven up there !


Ultimately, of course, it is all about the love..

love of place, love of family, love of this moment in time


that Love is the thing that keeps us filled up.

So I am saying good bye to July 2011.

It has been a treat of a month with so many wonderful moments.

And a very fine finale, indeed !


Oh, and in the spirit of documenting the month of July, I wanted to share the pages I created in my sistah, Brandy’s Traveling Sketchbook this month.


I am really digging how these rocks of mine are coming to life…


And of course, my love for the ocean and the beach shines through…


I am a little late getting this one in the mail but Jennifer, the next sistah on the list, should have it in a day or two.

So bye, bye July.

Hello, August !

If you bring me even just a portion of the treats your predecessor did,

we should get along just fine !

Happy August, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

What a fabulous tribute to July -- that sadly has come to an end but with great memories (like a family love fest at the lac...) and beautiful art, we can look forward to the joys that August will bring.

I'm really loving your work with rocks...and the fact that you have the rock statue at the lac it seems that this is prevalent in your conscious and subconscious.

And I love the blue gum as chewed by Miss Katie!!!

artbrat said...

This is a fabulously beautiful post! I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful time at the lake.

I adore your entry in my sketchbook. I love the use of colors and your layering over text. I really am happy that you included the rocks because that is "you" in my mind and I'll think of you whenever I see the entry in the years to come.

Much love,

Elena said...

This is such a wonderful, love-filled, post. Those journal pages are gorgeous and so totally You. :)

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet to meet your family this way. Thanks for sharing memories, cosmos, rocks, family, love...enjoyed "being there"...

Cindy said...

Oh what a great post. I love the statue at the lake that your Dad made. It seems like a beautiful place, not only a yellow lab heaven,but a place you and David exude happiness in. I love the photo of you guys. Hello August. big hugs.

jgr said...

OH I love the photos!! What a great and scenic place to be hang out- you are blessed with a loving family . . . right down to the furry ones.
Your rock sculpture pages: Awesome!

Kate Robertson said...

Glad to se you had such a wonderful time. You are so blessed to be close to your loved ones. When I am envious of that I try to remember that we make our own families and I have many of my own rich memories too. I too like how your rocks are coming to life. I keep thinking of the rock people on Easter Island or other rock formations in nature. It is great to see your journals as always, have a lovely day.

beth said...

love just follows you around and where it isn't you make it or find it....what a gift you have !


Terry Hartley said...

Oh dear, how much do I love that statue by your dad? In a very BIG way. The photo of you and your hunny--why you are just glowing. So beautiful, Kim.

laurie said...

it looks like a paradise of a place!!! enjoy. :-)

Marit said...

I can think of a lot to say about that beautiful place, the watcher your dad build, the happy family and the place filled with memories... not to mention your gorgeous art journal pages... I'll leave it with this dear soulsister: I'm glad you filled your soul with happiness and love! May August bring whatever you long for!!

Olivia said...

My Queen, I loved everything about the rocks--your dad's sculpture, them coming to life on your pages! I continue to be inspired by you. Your family looks so warm and wonderful--how special to be able to get together like that! I really appreciate it as I have never in my life done that--gotten together with a group of family members for a vacation. (I was an army brat and we traveled, then later I was estranged from my family.) It looks like it would provide a type of secure, safe, loving vacation. Love it, My Queen! xoO

patti said...

Love seeing your journal pages Kim!

I think your Dad's beautiful sculpture is perfect for its place at the lake!

Glad you had such a nourishing time there - a very fine farewell post to July!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic rock pages oh fairy of stone. What a sweet pic of you and David, you lok so relaxed and tan! xox Corrine

Unknown said...

Gosh, I just loved EVERYTHING about this post. The journal pages. The memories. The flowers. The Lake Watcher... thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful world with me <3

Julie Prichard said...

Hi Kim- just stopping in to say your rocks are fantastic..I totally love the drawing on text that you have here!

Sueann said...

It is a happy time indeed. Summer is still with us...gotta love that!!
Love the sketch book pages...perfect!
And that the rocks have come to life is wonderful!!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

OMG! Those rock pages are ahhhhhmazing!

Marbles in a Mason Jar said...

I'm also really digging how those rocks of yours are coming to life...they are wonderful. Peace to you on this fabulous August day. Hugs, one of the Beautiful Ones

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You come by your rock art honestly and biologically, Kimmy-poo! Looks like Uncle Bave and Katie were in heaven together - and the Chica girl dog with her own tribe. I want to yank July back here by her short and curlies and have her stay a while. At least as long as I sit around evolving despite my best efforts not to. I have been up north a lot this summer already and that has taken effort to get there each time. But I am feeling as if it was right and necessary and will not find myself in the fall wondering why I didn't make that effort. Nature does restore and it has brought me many gifts this season already. Hope to see you soon Kimmy-poo. I almost called you this afternoon, then decided to get two - yes TWO! - monkeys off my back instead.

WrightStuff said...

Wow that looks like a truly magical place - did it fill your well right to the top?

These rocks you make are pretty magic too. People do say that rocks can talk and I'm sure they have a great story or two to tell.

Gollywobbles said...

Kim, you become more of a kindred spirit to me as I relish your posts! I also have an Aunt Lise! (adding another thing in common to my list!!!!)

rebecca said...

you father's rock sculpture is a quiet witness to all this continued beauty and love.

the pebble does not fall far from the boulder!

thank you for brightening my life with your perfect love.

In the Light of the Moon said...

"Family fills you up"..I love that!!Excellent post and the journal pages you created are oh so cool!!!love the rocks..they..Rock!!Hugs,Cat

EVA said...

What beautiful inukshuks you and your Dad made! I love your pages for Brandy!

It looks like a fabulous time at your gorgeous lake.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

cheers to your happiness and to your family too!
and guess what i didn't know why they keep the grass tall but i always think how nice is that, it make it like more nostalgic and longing to be more
hugs dear mermaid Kim ;-)

cookievf said...

lol - i just sent you a fr and asked if you had a blog...too much multi-tasking, cuz this is where i found you!

i really like the way you made the background with all the circles. do you share your techniques/describe how you create your pages? be sure to pop over to my blog... posting more of my pages this week!

- vicki