Friday, August 12, 2011

Haiku My Heart– Living Up


Down ? You can choose up.

Choose to look, go, see, BE up.

Living up is grand.


As you know, the monsters where hanging out this week.

I was being pulled into their mire.

But something wonderful helped me pull myself out of the muck.

From the depths of the muck to the top of a mountain, in fact.

I chose to be present, look for beauty, revel in friendship…

In short, I chose up.

And the view from there is grand.


Photos from the 78th Annual Craftmen’s Fair at the Mount Sunapee Resort, Newbury NH.


My lovely friend, Susie Riley and I took the chairlift to the mountain top.


A failed panorama shot but you get the idea – gorgeous !


Rock and driftwood sculptures from artist Mark Ragonese

He actually had rocks piled there on the grass available for people to build their own totems.


This one against the glorious sky made me feel UP.


Imagine this  beautiful “Isis” in your garden?

The piece won best sculpture in the show.


We saw hundreds of gorgeous pieces of art ! So inspiring.

The Rock Fairy had to have her own souvenir, from a kindred spirit, NH artist, Lee Spiller,

who creates amazing vessels out of rocks found by the sea.

This little rock with a hole in it can home with me.


Monsters are at bay.

I think they will stay that way.

I am so grateful for today, anyway !

Kimbo wants to play.

Have a great weekend, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

more haiku love at recuerda mi corazon


Cindy said...

I love the rock at the end. so pretty. i have your same love for rocks. I have not been able to carve any this summer with still having to wait another few weeks before I can lift anything. I am glad it scared the monsters away. sending much love.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope you have a wonderful day Lovie!! The Isis sculpture is my favorite! What a beautiful day you had!


Snap said...

YeeHaw! Up, up and further up! Love the vase! Glad you treated yourself.

jgr said...

Looks like you had a FUN day, all of the photos are great and I love that scenery-WOW! My favorite is the rock vase--SO cool! Happy weekend to you my friend and congrats on living 'up'.

Marit said...

Glad to see you smile and be happy!

Unknown said...

Oh, how I love this! And everyone should build their own totem. Seriously! I LOVE that word: totem. I love the idea of it. I'm going to build one out among the garden as soon as the weather allows me to sit out there in peace and presence without feeling overwhelmed and anxious (the storms do that to me!) <3 <3

Nadeja said...

Hahahahahahaha! I heard a phrase today from a old movie with Barbara Stanwick..She was preaching:) and said something like It's easy to forgive many things, but not so the quitters...Your never quit! You are wonderful. Life is wonderful and you are living proof. Good job Kimmy. And blessings to your beautiful friend Suzie. Good job Ladies! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful post - again! Love you my precious one. Mom

Nadeja said...

Love the Isis!!!! When I come into some money, I will buy it:):):)
High hopes? Who knows?
xoxoxox The vase is also most gorgeous! Great pictures!!
(just needed to add this)

Sherry said...

You inspire me every day...I love that you and Susie were able to sail high up the mountain top to take in the view and the share one another's company and to look up and see all that there was to see.

I love your rock vase and that Isis sculpture is incredible. Makes me feel like stretching myself and looking up too!!!

Have a beautiful weekend my wise friend! ♥

beth said...

oh my lord....."that best in show" is fantastic !!
i think i would have had to bring her home with me....i really do !!

thanks for being my "UP" when i'm down.....xoxoxo

notmassproduced said...

mmmm rock vases, lurvely...and i like your queen of arts sign too :o)

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

OH UH !!!
i love that rock base!
happy weekend Kim!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

A wonderfully "uplifting" post!! Thank you!! Cathy

Olivia said...

It IS an uplifting post, My Queen. I too think that the monsters will stay at bay when I am up. I can never even imagine them coming back. But then they do. I think that for me, accepting the cyclical nature of my nature, which includes: extreme anxiety, peacefulness and gratefulness and calmness, depression, sadness, fear, happiness, and so much more--this is where my peace can lie. Accepting it all, and when the monsters are there, moving beyond them (as you did, yay!) may bring peace. I sure hope so. That's what I believe at least. I'll keep trying to do it, My Queen :)

Love to you, xoO

Stephanie said...

wow...I'm battling those monsters...thanks for the reminder, to look and BE up.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

How playful the rhyme at the end of the post! Delightful--even if you had to walk through Monster Land to arrive at Playland!

lynne h said...

my dear Big Heart, i just read your post before this one for the first time, and i thought it was Beautiful. Honestly Beautiful. Radiantly Honestly Beautiful... like you... i appreciate you so much. and also, i wanted to let you know that i have not found a rock with a heart shaped hole in it yet, but i *did* see a rock with a sort of squiggly hole in it, so i expect to see the heart shaped hole rock anytime now...


Cheryl said...

I love that people make works of art out of simple objects. I once gave my mother for Christmas, a rock from the Ozarks, that had an oil painting on it. She got mad because I sent her a rock. She didn't "get" it. Sad.

Your pictures are awesome. Looks like you had a good view as well as a good time.

rebecca said...

dear sweet you,
thank you for lifting up so many hearts. you are the "up glue" pinning our hearts to the highest branches, always close to the light of love.

Nanka said...

A very interesting post that you share today!! Delightful and beautiful art work , but what I liked best is "Rock and driftwood sculptures from artist Mark Ragonese" Looks like The Buddha meditating under the Bodhi Tree!! Marvelous!!

Rosie said...

What a wonderful, UPlifting post Kim! LOVE!!! And yes, I'd smile and leap with joy if that Isis resided in my home every day... xoxoxo

Fallingladies said...

oh my gosh, what a great time it looks like you had, and a great souvenier. love the post below this one too!! so inspiring!!!!

Anonymous said...

That must have been a spectacular day with your friend at your side enjoying the juice of serious creativity and nature. Even when you get stuck, maybe because you get stuck, you always inspire us to choose up! xox Corrine

Commuter's Journal said...

Greetings, oh Queen! Sorry to have been off in the hinterlands for so very long but I wanted to drop by and say "hello" and cheer you on in the good fight. Big hugs from your Connecticut neighbor!

Rosie@travel-i-tales said...

That's the spirit! Love the haiku - "Living UP is grand," indeed it is.

miss pie said...

what a mountaintop view... friendship is everything don't you think... rocks, oh my... i use to go with a friend on rock hunts... into the truck and onto the next one... what a wonderful idea.. i am glad to see you chose upward... it is the wings of wonderful that belong to all who wear a crown... thank you for a heartfelt post..

Anonymous said...

What a deeeeLIGHTful way to shoo away the monsters! I really enjoyed your photos. Even the chairlift panorama - oh yes I get the idea! Big beautiful blue sky!! What beautiful sculptures and how serendipitous to find that "holey" rock vessel from a fellow rock fairy! Wishing you continued UP-NESS and may those monsters AMSCRAY and stay away! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

What a deeeeLIGHTful way to shoo away the monsters! I really enjoyed your photos. Even the chairlift panorama - oh yes I get the idea! Big beautiful blue sky!! What beautiful sculptures and how serendipitous to find that "holey" rock vessel from a fellow rock fairy! Wishing you continued UP-NESS and may those monsters AMSCRAY and stay away! (((HUGS)))

Margaret Pangert said...

That's beautiful, KIm! UP--literally and figuratively. And we do get to choose it. Today I was fortunate enough to receive the gift of joy--and I'm not going back to slogging in the mud! I'm going to look up to the dizzying heights of the spectacular gondola ride!
That art show was incredible, btw. That rock vase is a stunner.
Happiness to you, my friend.