Monday, August 8, 2011

How Does Your Journal Garden Grow ?

I sometimes get asked to share how my art journal pages are created.

Because I believe that there are no rules in art journaling, and my creative time is like play for me,  it is sometimes hard for me to pin the process down and explain it.

But I have been noticing lately, that I do kind of have a “process” in my recent pages, and I thought I would share it today.

Here we go…


Create a back ground on a blank journal page.

Smear some blue paint (True Blue craft store acrylic) around with a brush.

Use a circle stencil and a make-up sponge with the Ultra Marine craft paint and stencil random circles.


Fill in the background with Twinkling H20 in Stargazer and a big brush with lots of water.


Spritz some Shimmerz inks in Pewter, Sapphire, and Mama Sings the Blues on the page too.


Use a little star stamp here and there with white paint.

Add dots with the bottom end of a paint brush dunked in silver, bronze and white paint.

Scribble lightly with a graphite pencil to mess things up a little.


Check out “finished” background.

Looking very night sky, isn’t it ? Well, it is to me.

Need a figure looking up at the sky, don’t you think ? Yep.

Grab a page from the old French dictionary.

Draw the figure in pencil.

Outline in black Pitt artist pens with India ink.


Cut her out and glue her down onto your painted background with a good glue stick.


What is she holding up ?

A rock ?

A heart ?

A seed ?

Oh, liking that…



Paint the girl, using Inktense watercolor pencils, and Twinkling H20’s. Do some shading, think about where the light source would be…

Add in some white details  with a Sakura gel pen.

A seed, eh ?

Let’s add that in – oh, it is a little green sprout of a seed…


Go to the computer and Google “seed” poetry and/or quotes and see what comes up…

Oh, this wonderful poem “Seed”,  by Raine, that speaks of the seed of life, the Earth, and Eternity…



Print it out on photocopy paper in one of my favorite fonts (Artistamp). Cut it up a little and glue it down.

Add a title with letter stencil, make-up sponge and some black paint.

Add a little vine action around the title with a light green gel pen.


Take a little Cobalt Teal Golden Fluid acrylic with lots of water and do a bit of a wash over some of the blue to make it softer somehow…

Add some journaling with the superfine black Pitt Pen around the outer edge of the page,

talking about how to nurture your own seeds better…


Add the date and the page feels complete.


How about adding a song to go along with this page ?

Yes. I know the one.

It was written in the 80’s but has a message that still needs to be heard today.

Maybe even especially today.

Plus the video is kick-ass !

That how this page grew.

This is how many of my journal pages grow.

A background, an inspiration point, some play with images and colors and words…

It is different every single time though.

And that is why I love art journaling.

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones.

I hope your seeds get lots of nurturing today !

Big Love !


Snap said...

Lots of fun to share, Kim! Thanks!

Mary said...

loved getting a glimpse of your process...beautiful page!


arlene said...

Those seeds are growing wild in you Kim! The result is beautiful and abundant, and I see lots more fruit in the future.
LOVE the page!

Terri said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The colors, the layers, the composition!!! You are so super creative! I love your "SeeD" page.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your process in action!! I'm so inspired (my poor art journal has been horribly neglected this summer)!!!

Olivia said...

Me too, My Queen, love seeing this. It teaches me so much. I've looked at your pages and wondered "how", so this is great. Thank you, and love the seedling theme too! xoO

iHanna said...

A great answer to a difficult question when there are so many different ways and routs to to with an art journal page. But your little guide is great and the seed + girl drawing super cute. The art journal grows one page at a time! :-)

Marit said...

It's just like the way my art journal pages grow... sometimes. Sometimes not. As you say: it's different every time. Thanks for this peek into your process, I enjoyed it very much!

jgr said...

Your colors are gorgeous and I love seeing the step-by-step. You always inspire me!

beth said...

your journaling talents amaze me.....and i got to see you do them in person....eeek. lucky me :) the seed in her hand !!

patti said...

It is a magical process, isn't it?

Loved seeing yours Kim and the seed theme was very inspiring!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I do love to see the process and growth. Thanks for sharing that. Tending our seeds, good advice too!

Priti Lisa said...

Hi Kim! Boy it's good to be here! A beauty of an art cool to see the process. Love the Kooky Kitty and the Love Warrior necklace.
I am excited about the greeting card, that is one of my favorite pieces of yours. And I do send cards in the mail...And the opposum? I think that I do not wish to think of him.
I think it is so cool (so very Queenly) of you that you found the good message in it all.

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing your process.. it's a gorgeous page.. love it...rhw poem is perfect..

Elena said...

Oh that was soooo cool! Of course I have to go back and jot down all those supply names which apparently I have NONE of! Hee hee...good list for the upcoming birthday don't ya think? It's a great journal page with a great message.

Sherry said...

Love your process...and that you keep finding the inspiration to make more and more of these pages that speak to the soul!! xo

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, this is SO beautiful!!
Thank you for sharing the magic of your process with us!!

Kate Robertson said...


This was fabulous, I loved seeing this evolve. I really needed to see this today. I am feeling down and need something to snap me out of it. Your page and process were so lovely. Thanks so much for sharing how you create and then so much of you too. I am grateful for you today.


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

you are my faorite gardener
you plant inspiring seeds in my heart (thank YOU)

Anonymous said...

Gone for a week and I have missed some serious creativity happening here, you know how I love those blue, especially when you play them. xox Corrine

laurie said...

thank you for being gracious enough to share this with us! you make it seem so simple. your work is so beautiful and meaningful - i love seeing what you've created.