Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Sweet Spots

So this weekend was kind of boring. Nothing special. At least, on the outside.

It involved a lot of errands that I would have usually done during the week, but the “monsters” kind of interfered with my energy level last week.

It involved household duties like lawn work and sprinkler fixing for David. And for me, normal laundry and bigger stuff like washing the dog crate bedding.

It did not involved lounging in a chair by the sea, or really celebrating the shortest of all seasons here in New England as I would have loved to do

but looking back on it, it was a “take action” weekend for lots of odds and ends

and that kind of gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Some sweet spots included :


stopping at the pet store for dog food, and finding this big, long, fluffy friend for Chica in the clearance aisle !


I also printed out quite a few pieces of my art work and created some cards, a few of which went into the mail this morning with surprise birthday wishes inside.


Sunday was National Waffle Day ! (oh, no, did you miss it ?!)

Waffles are a fav of the hubby so I made up a batch and we had breakfast on the back deck to celebrate.


I also spent sometime doing my Rock Fairy duties. The staff at my oral surgeon’s office is doing the Light The Night Walk for Leukemia in September and I have donated a custom bag of Rock My World Rocks to hand out to the participants.


Their team is called “Angels and Heroes” so each rock has that on one side, and some inspirational words from the Rock Fairy on the other.

I love being able to spread the love in these little ways! I will be dropping these off today when I go to my last follow-up appointment after having my wisdom teeth out in May. The tongue is still slightly tingly/numb on one side as a result of that long ago surgery but there are days when I forget about it most of the time so that is  good sign that I may just heal up completely over time.


(The flowers on the back deck this morning are celebrating the rainy day !)

So while not everyday can be about the big, juicy celebrations,

taking the time to notice the simple graces in the every day is what makes life feel special and well lived, don’t you think ?

What was your sweetest of simple graces this past weekend, Beautiful One ?

I hope you took the time to notice and celebrate them a bit.

Happy Monday !


Sherry said...

It may have been a "boring" weekend but it still sounded like you accomplished a lot...sometimes the necessary tasks can be rewarding!! I love Chica's new blue friend!!! And how "you" to create rocks for the Angels and Heroes of course are one of each!! ♥

Unknown said...

lovely! as always :)

my simple pleasures from this weekend were staying close to home, reading a bit, writing a LOT, and hanging out with Tom (last night he surprised me by coming out back to read and watch the sunset with me.) Just finding a quiet rhythm and going with it. <3

Nadeja said...

"Simple graces in the every day"...I love this phrase and can really see how it can change the whole atmosphere of one's life!:) Clean clothes after doing the laundry, no dust on the furniture or anywhere, after dusting, sweep the floor clean! What a great feeling just to get things done! Life is good. You are wonderful!
I love you, Mom

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I know it feels good to get things done around the house. Chica looks pretty happy too! We had a weekend of yard work, Honey Doo chores (I make the list, he does the work-LOL) and watching Golf: the PGA Championship was here in our area-fun to see it on TV! We took pics of the blimp from our front yard. Yes: we are geeks!

Marit said...

Now you got me thinking... the sweetest thing this weekend? My men enjoying the quiche I baked, maybe? Or having a long conversation with my beloved (but with that, I went to bed too late and had a glass of wine too many...aarghhh) The birds in the backyard. Boiled eggs for breakfast. Writing the last article for the scrapbook magazine issue (I'm 'off' for 4 weeks now, yay!)

Yes dear, enjoy the little things, enjoy life!

beth said...

what ?
i missed waffle sad. i think i'll have to make up for it this weekend by celebrating it on saturday and sunday :)

we had a similar weekend, but it felt okay. like it was supposed to be that way. so for some reason today, since laundry and cleaning got done yesterday, i have to keep reminding myself it's monday.

know what? i have worn your necklace everyday since i got it....i love it that much. i really honestly seriously do......xoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am busy getting ready for a show in 3 weeks so I have been busy as a kitty in a litter box!

Still working on housebreaking here with our new pups so that will be a small grace when both pups can piddle outside!


rebecca said...

simple graces from this weekend?
when i walked out into the open arms of morning and the morning glories had finally opened their long tight blossoms into a water fall of blue faces.

Lynn Cohen said...

Love your rocks and cards...yes, my weekend was anything but boring. I invite you to my blog to check it out. It was most joyous for the best joyous reason in the whole wide world...the birth of...oh, come and see for yourself. It will brighten your day too.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Time with family -sweet! A long telephone date with my friend, Linda, laughing and loving each other. Being where I am. Moving forward. Trusting. Fabulous food. My goodness I have had a lot of sweet this weekend!

Kate Robertson said...

Sound like you really had a beautiful weekend. Love seeing Chica with her new toy. Your rock story is beautiful as always. The waffles look so yummy. Sorry I missed them.

Have a happy week.


Cindy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. we all need ones like this. hubby has been off for five days and we are enjoying just being together and making our lists of what we are going to do and every day we get sidetracked by something, so no work got done but we have visited a lot with family. hugs to you Kim.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

it sounds like my weekends lately ;-)