Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Do You Need ?

So anyone who reads this blog know that I tend to try really hard to focus on what is good.

Some people may even feel like I am a bit of a “Kimmy Sunshine”.


(I hate being called Kimmy, by the way, except by my mom and my nieces and nephews!)

But like for so many of us is this fucked up world…


Some days, the monsters come out to play.

Sometimes, they hang for a few hours, sometimes a whole day,

and sometimes,

those monsters just linger around like the smell of a really bad fart.


Now, in my tool box of monster repellant, I have some wonderful things.

Art, meditation, time with friends, walks in nature, my camera, hugs from my Hubby,

thoughts of kiddos and peeps I love, Rock Fairy action, this blog, chocolate, etc…

But some days,


none of those sweet, often miraculous, tools seem to work.

So I have come to the conclusion that while having to put up with those stinky, depressing,

lethargic, hard to shake monsters basically sucks the big one,

those monsters are trying to tell me something.

Accept or change.


Something has to give so that the monsters will move on (at least for a good long while !),

and so that the light, love and goodness can come back into balance.

When I told my mom/guru how crappy I was feeling today,

after trying to console me like moms do,

and giving me some sage advice like gurus do,

she asked me a question that made me stop in my tracks :


What do I need ????



Do you know, I couldn’t think of anything right away ?

Spending time with the monsters tends to leave me feeling unworthy of anything much.

But thanks to my mom/guru and my own inner strength and light, I think there just may be a new brilliant tool in the monster repellant toolbox today.

Let’s focus on this whenever we can today, Kimbo.

What do you need ?

When any little thing pops into your mind, give it to yourself !

Don’t think too much.

For Heaven’s sake, do not ask the monsters their opinion.

Just do it.

Shake those monsters off by changing something, by offering yourself what you need.

Okay, stinky, icky, mean ones, it is time for you to move on…


I hope you find ways to give yourself what you need today, Beautiful Ones !

Remember, you so deserve that !

Big Love !


Sherry said...

Your beautiful mom is so wise!!! And your art is amazing...you've captured those monster days perfectly and then the sun can come out to help you find what you need...I'm off to secure what I need...I'm feeling those monsters nibbling at my heels!!! love you!! xo

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am like Sherry....I feel a few monsters nibbling at my feet today! Mine is from lack of sleep so I need a nappy!

Lovie Lovie!

Olivia said...

My Queen, I like this post about monsters. We all have them. I used to think that we "shouldn't" have them, that they "shouldn't" be there. But now I think that it's okay. We have our monster repellent tools, and sometimes they will just come. The key is getting through it...not letting them defeat us...right? As always, love your art...and you! Blessings today, xoO

Suzanne la banane said...

Kimmie, Kimmie
(I'm ok if I call you Kimmie?...you know that you are MY Kimmie)
I love your monsters, We should print your monster on a punching bag, that can help!
Je t'aime my Kimmie

arlene said...

Brilliant Mom!! Usually what I need is some understanding and acceptance, or rather reassurance that I am accepted, monsters and all. And some sunshine...that ALWAYS does the trick. Those are some dark looking monsters. I think just looking at them exposed like that is good for the soul. Really, what power do they hold? You nailed them!!
And thanks for the love yesterday. I really did feel it while I was sitting in that dentist chair. xox

Paula said...

Awesome post and even more awesome monster depictions! What a great mom, and her question is so worth asking. Sometimes, I have such a hard time figuring out what it is that I need, what it is that will make me feel whole again.

Unknown said...

I just wrote that in my journal in HUGE letters!! Perfect advice. Perfect, perfect.

I try and think of my monsters as a nasty storm that passes through my heart- there's sometimes nothing I can do but wait it out and seek safe shelter. But I try not to *follow* it or get caught up in it, if that makes any sense. Just let it pass. It's hard waiting though.

Love this post so very much <3

Mary said...

Kim you crack me up!! I love the real, raw, out there part of you!

"linger around like the smell of a really bad fart" what a word picture!!! lol but there is truth in that!!

you also said "Pain=change" so true, but i have also found acceptance can equal pain, especially if we need the change, and sometimes it's a worse pain.

and your Mom's brilliant, wise question...what do you want! good to ask that question every now and again.

much love to you!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

You are a SUNSHINE!
for me, i'd rather to be here and learn and know of a very loving heart and read about her and her art and her joys and fears (that is YOU by the way) then going to some other blog where all they tell me is what to blog or what to show and if you notice they don't tell their truths either only about what they are selling or her angst for us trying to shine no matter what and you know what that means? they actually are curious, and like i said eventually they do what we do, they show pretty pictures too and then i smile to myself, what a contradiction!!!
i think they need to practice being patient and tolerance towards others so let's teach them about patient and hope with our blogs ;-)
you are a sunshine and be very proud to inspire my friend
ohh and you are a gem so SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!
(a la pink floyd style!!!!!)
you are loved by me in long distance perhaps and by the way i do send you prayers and sometimes i even think i wonder what is she doing right now and i smile because i know that is a prayer of love
hugs sweet soul!
you are my soul tool box!

Jaime Haney said...

I don't know, Sistah Kim... but I do know that the monsters sure can make our creative world much more interesting. I don't like the feeling I have when the monsters ascend on me (or you!) but the effects they have on our art is pretty cool. I LOVE your monster painting. But I rather like dark and mysterious things. I can't imagine a world with ONLY flowers and butterflies... it kinda makes me wanna puke up a rainbow. Without the dark how could we appreciate the light?

Great post my Creative Sistah...

xx Jaime

notmassproduced said...

here's hoping they don't come back for you and the wise advice from your mum has got rid of them for good :)

Marit said...

Your post made me think of a Dutch song... 'monsters don't sleep, so I go to bed tonight... I won't be afraid to go to sleep 'cause I'm sure they will wake me up sometime tonight..." (crappy translation but I tried...) Anyway, I love your mom, I love her question/advice and I love you. Sleep well tonight my dear soulsister!

Nadeja said...

Kimmy, I love the raw honesty of your post today. You are an amazing person. Your blogs are inspiring, truthful, joyful, did I say inspiring? Those monsters are not real. Remember how we used to try to scare you little ones into staying in bed? There never were any monsters there...we made them up. So are these monsters unreal. We make them up!!! You are strong, beautiful, smart, wise, intelligent, creative and most precious daughter of God and me:):)
Love you, Mom
Thanks to everyone for their kinds words.

Anonymous said...

That's a very wise mom, indeed. And yes, definitely don't ask the monsters' opinions. Just do it! I've been asked that once or twice, and it also stopped me in my tracks. It took me a while to realize a few things that I needed...like I needed to delegate a few tasks that were pressing on me, or I needed to be able to close my office door for an hour, or...

Cindy said...

Kim I was looking at your art and thinking what a brilliant artist you are. your one monster even has a belly button. I hate when the monsters show up and they do. Your Mom is a love and I cried when I read her comment. It is so nice that you can talk about this with your Mom, if I talked to mine, I don't think she would get it. lol. I hope you feel better soon, swat the monsters with a big ole fly swatter. hugs to you.

Janet said...

This is a great post! I'm so glad I read it today. Being a mom myself, I was looking for some answers for my daughter who is having a crappy time right now. Your mom's words are perfect! And ones I'll remember for myself, too because we all have those monsters creep into our lives from time to time.

Rosie said...

Kim, I love you! I used to feel guilty (that's my monster) if I wasn't doing something productive most of the day, before I fell and hurt my foot. Today I sat and read my book in bed for half an hour before I even got up because I knew it'd be a busy (and painful) day! I gave me what I needed - you do the same!! Great pages by the way! xoxoxo

Kate Robertson said...

Your monster page is wonderful. I love this entire post. I have had a monster week but now things are looking up. I am feeling great today and I hope you are too.


Anonymous said...

A friend at my workshop talked about "holy shit" and what if we started to look at shit as "holy", same with the monsters baby! What if those monsters were our most beloved friends... xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your mom! I know your monsters are icky and smelly and mean, but you make even them look grand and lovely when you're done with them - that painting is phenomenal!! I do love that you have a toolbox of monster repellants! I MUST pull together one of those for myself. I just love your awesome creative outlook on life - even when it comes to things that make it so damn difficult to stay in creative mode. You are a creative warrior queen, destroyer of (or shoo-er away of)all that comes to try and steal your creative fire! I'm bowing to your majesty.

I hope you always have all that you need and you absolutely deserve to have your needs met and more! BIG LOVE!

P.S. I hope I never did, but I can't remember...if I've ever called you "Kimmie" ooooops! I'm very sorry!

Robin said...

What a wonderful post Kim. We all need more monster repellent in our tool boxes. Thanks to your moms simple question and your words here, I feel another tool has been added for me! And your monster artwork is great.