Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ever feel Invisible ?

I woke up crooked this morning. Feeling very invisible. After a few tries to reach out and talk to someone about it (they were all busy with their own stuff, which I so get...), I shook myself off and said "Take yourself on a date...take care of yourself, even if it is just for a little bit...". Grabbed the camera, my wallet, a 40% off coupon for the good craft store, a couple of my "rock my world" rocks and headed out ...

This was the view across the street - blue sky, fall colors poking out from above the roof top..deep breath..let's go.

On the way I listened to good music and sang. The crooked feeling came back with sad songs so I rocked it out instead. Got to the craft store and spent 1 hour looking at all the treats, deciding what treats were for me... I bought :

-black gesso

- beautiful blank note cards

- metallic gold Lumiere paint

- a white and a green gel pen

That's it ! Reasonable, ain't I ?

Then I stopped at the post office. I bought postage for a mail art piece I was sending for a blog friend. Something made me remember my "rock my world "rocks in my pocket. I pulled one out. It said "Let go."

I held it in my hand and said to the nice lady serving me "If I gave your this...", handing her the rock, "would it mean anything to you today ?" She looked at the rock, saw the words, and then looked back at me, directly in my eyes, and said "Oh, yes." I replied "Then it is yours. " She thanked me and I went on my way. I didn't feel invisible any more.

(that was a great one to put on my calendar for my 29 Gifts calendar !)

Then I went home and started working in my art journal. I got three phone calls from friends as I was playing. I knew for sure I wasn't invisble.

I made this cool page in my journal. Kind of Fall-ish, kind of Halloween, kind of Kimbo...

Conversation with Birds - journal page

love this detail shot !

How did you leave a mark today ? You were (are) not invisble.


Sherry said...

Oh.my.gosh.Kim. You are just such a blessing and I loved this post...it just made me feel "valid" and I can't explain it any better than that. I love how you gave the woman in the post office the rock...I just love this idea you've had -- it should be world wide!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey there lady! First of all, thank you for my award! You just made my day...you really did! And, oh,you are not invisible. You leave such wonderful bits of you here on this blog and I would bet, everywhere you go! I always am tickled to hear from you. Please send me you address at paulateach@cox.net!

Anonymous said...

I Left a mark today by digging my fingernails into the dentist's chair.. (sensitive teeth)

Your post is beautiful!!

Susan Tuttle said...

I first have to say it is such an incredible privilege to have connected with you -- your beautiful soul and incredible wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment on my most recent blog post -- you put into words my feelings exactly! I will never ever forget that comment -- that is how strong the impression was.

I love how you describe that crooked feeling -- I know exactly what you mean. I love that you took yourself out on a date and I love even more your heartfelt gesture that you put out into the world today --you did something very important for that woman -- you were her angel for the day -- you are an inspiration to so many!

Love and Hugs,

Sarah said...

what a great blog post this is - and a gorgeous journal page too

the little exchange you had with the lady in the post office - a classic little piece of human interaction. don't see much of that nowadays, huh?

oh and thank you so very much for my award thingy - I hadn't noticed it before. I'm not much of one for tags and things so please forgive me if I don't pass it on (it's that famous British reserve) but I am most flattered.

So there's another way you have left your mark :)

Jennifer said...

Kim, you have such a beautiful soul/spirit. You are awesome and inspiring!!! Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

I have to think about how I made a mark...I guess since this was yesterday, yesterday I listened to my husband...no distractions and full attention...no judgement/instructions provided by yours truly, the know-it-all-when-it-comes-to-others. No references to me that turn the conversation on to my issues...

I felt like the loving person I know that I am, but don't always have/make time to be. It felt good and I felt alive.

One more squishy hug for being so awesome and nive page/crafty finds. I am also inspierd to shop!

Anonymous said...

I just want to let everybody know that today it's the birthday of one of the most wonderfull person in the world
Happy birthday Kimie

arlene said...

Wow. Making the woman you encountered visible with your gift, made YOU visible...in your own eyes and in hers. That is so special and generous. You have a beautiful spirit.

I've been missing out on your blog and here I am catching up and being blessed...Thank You!

xo arlene