Friday, October 3, 2008

Flo-Inspired Friday Fiver

So Sarah aka Flo at are you flowin' has been doing these fun and quick Friday Fiver memes she gets from her hlog blog (visit Sarah to see what this is about !!!). I love them because Sarah is so hilarious in her answers but also because she gives us little bits of info. about her. I feel like I am getting to know little bits of her personality through them.

I also like the Friday Fiver because it is a quick way to do an added little post to my week. So here goes :

1.) What is your favorite gemstone/jewelery type?

I absolutely love Australian Black Opals (as pictured above). Photos don't do them justice though - you need to see them sparkle their fire in sunlight to really appreciate them. October's birthstone too. My mom and my sisters' bought me a gorgeous opal pinkie ring for my 40th birthday present.

2.) Do you like camping?

Only if it is not raining and if I have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Whoosy camping only for me ! Love the nature part though !

3.) Can you see the surface of your desk?

Rarely ! Only when I clean it off because I realize I am working in a 6 inch by 6 inch space inspite of the fact that my desk is 8 feet long !

4.) Do you have a plant?

Many, many of them ! My favorites ? My Hibiscus, my Crown of Thorns and my African Violets. With a little TLC and water, they bring me the joy of flowers even in the dead of New Hampshire Winter !!!

5.) What is your favorite fall treat?

Food Wise ? Apple Crisp made with my Aunt Lise's recipe and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream !
Yummy !

Otherwise ? The trip up to Mont Tremblant for Canadian Thanksgiving - the leaf-peeping is always a spectacular treat !

Happy Friday !


Sherry said...

Happy Friday to you too Kim!! Some apple crisp and vanilla ice cream sounds really good to me right at this moment!!

Susan Tuttle said...

I enjoyed reading your list -- I also seem to whittle my creative space down to a little square -- what is it about us creative types?


Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo! We really must be related somehow... that's MY favorite stone, I feel EXACTLY the same way about camping, and I'm WILD about apple crisp (thought I don't have your aunt's recipe, but would be more than happy to give her version a try!). I, too, can only RARELY see the top of my desk, but that's where our answers would cease being similar...
I don't have a SINGLE live plant indoors... lots and lots and lots outdoors, and that keeps me busy enough. I've just never had much luck with indoor green thumbery. Love you!

Sarah said...

he Friday Five is infectious :)

that apple crisp sounds yummy!