Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rock My World Inspiration and the 3 Winners !

I just wanted to mention here again, as I did on my first post about these little traveling rocks, that the complete and total inspiration for them comes from mccabe at The Dancing Mermaid. She posted a movie about painting inspiration on beautiful beach stones with the children at her summer camp this summer. I read and watched the post "girls who rock" and was so inspired ! That day I picked up my paint brush and pounced on my own pile of sea rocks and started spreading the love. Mccabe' s rocks are so very beautiful and full of her light. I don't think I have infringed on any of her rights as an artist by using her as an inspiration, but I wanted to be sure that everyone knows where I got the idea.

These little rocks are not about money for me at all. They are about spreading love and making my world feel a little brighter. I even re-thought the idea of selling them to raise a little money for charity at the open house tomorrow. Instead I will have them in a pretty bowl, and let anyone who wants them take one or a few to take on their own adventure.

And I will be sending three packages of them off in the mail as soon as possible. One will go to Olivia at happyluau, one will go to Lulu at my pink turtle, and the third will go to Jennifer at the Stumbly Diva. Can't wait to see what adventures these lovely ladies have as they spread the love !

Julie at the Land of Lost Luggage (who was published in Artful Blogging this month, by the way !!!) was actually the first one to comment on my post from yesterday. She asked that I save on postage and hand out some rocks on her behalf in my own town. The photos above are from today's walk with the lovely Chica-dog. We stopped and put the rock marked "Do what makes your heart sing." on a park bench. That one is from Julie, Manchester !

Gotta keep on rockin'....


iHanna said...

Beautiful - both the post, the photos and the message that you give by giving stones like that away!

Periwinkle Pass Studio said...

your rocks are a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Kim - thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind note. I loved reading about your rocks. What a wonderful idea! Hugs.

Zura said...

Kim, I don't see my earlier comment here but I hope that means it just hasn't been approved yet. I was just on the Femail Creations website and thought about you gathering sayings for your rocks. Their products have some great sayings. Thought you might want to check it out.

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I am so excited to get my rocks and start spreading the love around!! I have yet to email you as I spend lots of time in the sidetracked lane, LOL!

Talk to you soon.

Susan Tuttle said...

I am in love with these rocks! Spread the love! You rock!

Thank you for the beautiful poem that you left on my blog.