Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeking Clarity

Art Journal Page : "Quest for Clarity" -

(I used my some of my newest love - Golden Black Gesso on this page - smooth, silky blackness, you should get some !)

So on my usual trips around Blogland today, I came across a bit of synchronicity as I often do. Many of my blog friends seem to be feeling exactly like I did last night when I made the journal page above and still do this morning. We are on a quest for CLARITY.

The wonderful Paula at Little Scraps of Magic likened it to being "a wee bit out of focus". Not in an ominous bad way, but more in that stoned from eating too many "really rich brownies" way which I could so relate to. The world seems brimming with possibilities to change for the better, to let go of past roles, to put new found strengths to good use... The possibilities are a good thing because for awhile there, I wasn't able to see those at all ! The thing is though, I feel a little overwhelmed and a little unsure, maybe like that little bird who gets pushed out of the nest but hasn't learned to trust her own wings yet.

(Bird Book Page from last year - cute baby huh ? That's me, 43 years ago! but it is also me just yesterday ;-) !)

I don't want to get back down there and crawl, or go back to the paralyzed state I have been in . I feel hope that that chapter is closed now(at least for now !). But I would like some more CLARITY about which paths I should know like the big maps at the mall where you get the "you are here" arrow or dot, and the rest of the map shows the "big picture" ? How do you get to CLARITY ? Well, now my dear, you get there the same way you get anywhere else,

one step at a time.....

(As I wrote this post, I kept hearing a song in my head - a blast from the past big time - from Cat Stevens. This was on the first record (yes, I said record !) I ever owned. Still love a little Cats now and then !!!!! You were right way back then, man, "The answer lies within...")


Anonymous said...

Really nice pages!

I''ll keep my thoughts about Golden Black Gesso to myself though. LOL

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't heard that song in AGES!!! I loved Cat Stevens..when that's still who he was...I can't remember what he reinvented himself as....

I want to get some black gesso...I have a few projects for that -- I love the page you did with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy,
Did you know that Cat Stevens joined some religion, (which one, I cannot recall at this moment.)In any case he stopped singing and no longer shares that talent. Too bad, he was good!. Good that we still have his old music which I really enjoy too.
Your blogs are so creative and heart warming. Blessings and love to you always.
You know who, precious one

arlene said...

Ah Kim, you BRING clarity!
I've been so swamped and close to being overwhelmed lately that I feel out of the loop...or totally loopy, not sure which! The good news is, my class with kids is going so-o-o-o well. I know you want to try that at some point. I say, jump in, the water is fine.

And I LOVE this journal page, and the Rumi quote...and your attitude!
xo arlene

Jennifer said...

Oh I LOVE Cat Stevens. I had his CD (a compilation) and it got stolen along with my car back in 2000 or so :-(

Anyhow, another beautiful page and yes a need for clarity...step by step. I think things get all fuzzy when after the first couple of steps I don't see the progress or change I'm looking for. I start thinking that I must have misstepped. Start swirving left and right, thinking that maybe new shoes would fix the problem, when all the while I was doing just fine...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kim, I hear you! These pages are marvelous and I truly understand what you mean by clarity. The compass needle never points due north when you most need it to, does it?

FYI -- Cat Stevens became a Muslim. He is now Yusaf Islam and dedicates his life to world peace.

Susan Tuttle said...

I have been meaning to try black gesso -- now I definitely need to try it after reading your post!

Clarity -- I will ponder that one this weekend. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.