Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"A Storm Brewing At Sea" - A Fairy Tale based on a True Story

So it was a bittersweet October Day. Bitter because the summer had passed much to quickly and Fall seemed so very premature.

Sweet, because two friends decided to make a voyage to the sea, leaving burdens and worries behind them.
An old man who met them at the shore warned, "There is a storm brewing out at sea". But the friends were undeterred. You see, each of the two friends had a quest. One wanted to find joy, even if just for a moment.
The other sought to grasp the beauty around her and hold it in her soul.
And what the two friends found on their voyage was wave,
after wave,
after wave of both beauty and joy ! Their quest was an unquestionable success !

As an added reward, they also received glimpses of mythical mermaids in their many different forms :

The mermaids shared the wonder and celebration of the sea's gifts with the two friends. Having embarked on a quest and seen it truly fulfilled the two friends rejoiced ! It felt as though they had been returned to the joy and beauty of the Garden of Eden !

Head off on your own quest today ! You never know what wonders you will find !

(Photos of Sonia & Kim's Adventure, Ogunquit, Maine, October 20, 2008)


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thank you, thank you for the recipe and "release". This speaks to my soul more than you know.
'I love the fairy tale!

arlene said...

Now if I could just head to the sea for the day everything would be fine! As I am land-locked in Alberta this might pose a problem. And I think that is a metaphor actually...but knowing the sea is just beyond reach still gives me hope. Thanks Kim, for sharing your magical day.
xo arlene

Olivia said...

Kim, What a wonderful day and a likewise wonderful friendship...to be honest, I am envious...I enjoyed your day vicariously, though, and hope for a friendship like this for myself one day. Peace and joy, O

carolyn said...

Looks like quite the adventure! Love the ocean pics and your rocks balancing so nicely!

be well,