Monday, October 27, 2008

An Grrl Inspired Artwalk

So a while back, I participated in a discussion on grrl + dog's blog and was the lucky winner of some goodies traveling to me all the way from Sydney, Australia. They arrived last week !

And here is what was inside. The great zine "pasticcio" and a note from grrl to "go forth and create" !

Also in the envelope were these great, colorful tags and stickers with "art" quotes on them !

So the happy Queen had a plan !

I grabbed my dog snack pouch, the tags, some "Rock your World" rocks, my camera and put the beautiful Chica on her leash and headed out into a gorgeous fall day in Manchester, New Hampshire !

The first tag went on here :

It seemed kind of appropriate, don't you think ? grrl + dog, me walking the dog, me beautifying the ordinary a little ?

So the second tag went here, about a block away ! (see Chica checking out the neighbourhood news ?;-))

But I decorated other places too !

There was also some world rocking going on (like I promised Julie)...

With all that decorating work, I made sure I look the time to look up...

as well as down...

(How's that for a grrl+dog pose !)

All in all, a very wonderful artwalk. I think grrl would approve of how I used her treasures, don't you ? Thanks again, grrl !

In other news, the Queen will soon be revealing what she has been working feverishly at behind the scenes, aided by her magnificent and studly Computer Geek ! Hint : It may be a place to sell her wares !!!! (I know, I suck at hints ! I always give too much away !!!!) Stay tuned !

Happy Monday !


Anonymous said...

ahhh! My heart sings! Kim+dog go guerrilla! I cant tell you what a kick it is seeing tags on the other side of the world... and your rocks will rock someone's world.

They look gorgeous, and the shadow shot is perfect. Great "cover" for guerrilla arting - walking the hound. Of course I will have to blog now about you.. round and round and round. Hope you love Pasticcio..

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, what absolute fun! You and I would just have a blast together. I love the thoughts of these tags all the shadow shot. Thanks for hooking me up to one cool blog!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great post!

Jennifer said...

Hi there! I love what you did with the place :-)

Can't wait to rock some worlds here in lovely, gray, Cleveland!

carolyn said...

Hi Kim~
You have the best ideas and are such a generous soul. How I wish I could find one of your beach rocks or those tags. I am sure they will brighten some lucky person's day.
Also, thanks so much for leaving such nice comments on my blog.
Having a relaxing holiday with family is a good plan and without the stress is a bonus!

I left my rocks balancing at Rye beach but collected a bucket of rocks that I plan to paint thanks to your idea. I will return some to the beach but also leave some unsuspecting places to be found.
Now I just need to set aside some time to paint them all!
be well,

FAQ said...

You look radiant you gorilla artist you! Way to go! Love it!

Melissa said...

Loving this! You've inspired me to do it here in PA! Thanks.

~Share the 'wealth'~

Seth said...

Great artwalk! So cool that you left those tags everywhere.

Anne said...

Love the idea of an art walk like this! How fabulous!