Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missed a Photo Shoot and I've been Tagged


So I returned home yesterday after the lovely weekend in Montreal and Mont Tremblant. I have very few photos to show for my time away. One reason is I was just into spending time with my peeps. A second is that when I was ready for a photoshoot at the cottage when the light was beautiful and the fall colors were spectacular, I found that my battery on the camera was dying and there is no electricity up there to plug my charger in. So this is the only photo of Miss Kate I took during the month of October ! She looks so incredulous, that little pumpkin head ! I had promised myself to do a photo shoot of her every month for the first year of her life at least but Month 5 is a bust ! At least we had a super smoochy, super sweet visit !!! I love that Baby Girl !

Our Canadian Thanksgiving was fine and rustic as we had a sit down dinner for 14 people at the cottage with no electricity or running water. The turkey and all the fixings cooked in the propane oven (courtesy of my sister Natalie and her man Dave, and especially stuffed by my Uncle Charlie) were delicious as were My Aunt Lise's Apple Crisp and the birthday cakes ! The best part was just all of us being together and hanging out at our special place ! So very much Thanks going around there !

So while I was away, Sandy at My own 'lil world tagged me. It was her first time being tagged and it is my first time too. A bunch of tag virgins around here ! If you are not a tag virgin, if you are tagged out, or you are saving yourself for just the right tag, that is okay with me ! No hard feelings for not joining in here, but you know that I am going to play along !

Sandy told me to post 7 random things about me and then to tag 7 more blog friends so here goes :

1. I am half Russian (my mom immigrated to Canada as a child) and half French Canadian, but my mother tongue is English. (I am bilingual in French and English but only know a few words in Russian).
2. My favorite color is green - even the kick-ass laptop I bought from Dell a few months back is lime green.
3. I met my husband David at a Halloween Party which also happens to be his birthday. I was dressed as a fortune teller and he was dressed as a judge.
4. I read Tarot cards (though I am rusty right now - it has been a while) but only as my alter-ego, Marina, a Russian gypsy woman.
5. I can touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose. I have a short philtrum I guess (look it up !!!!) !
6. I have been on TV three times in my life (that I know of !) : once at age 5 on a local 30 minute Montreal kids show called "Magic Tom", once at 29 on CTV Nation News for a story on teaching learning challenged kids, and once just last year on a local Manchester show called "New Hampshire Chronicle" where the paper craft studio I teach classes at (Talk Paper Scissors) was featured as a new business.
7. My favorite time of day to walk around the neighborhood is evening (especially in Fall) when it has just gotten dark so I can peep in windows and see how people decorate their homes and where they eat dinner.

That random enough for ya ?

Here are my 7 tagged friends :

1. Sherry at Esprit d'Art 2. Carolyn at 8Golden Paws, 3. Lesley at Funky Art Queen
4.Paula at Little Scraps of Magic 5. lulu at my pink turtle 6. Jennifer at The Stumbly Diva
7. Kathy at Love Letters

No longer a tag virgin !;-) Glad to be back home in blogland after a nice time away ! Happy Wednesday !


Jennifer said...

Hi there! I was so excited to see that you were back! You were definitely missed in blog land :-)

I was even more excited that I was tagged! So fun. I'll get on it and that will be my post for today since I cannot find my apple crisp recipe that is about a week overdue...oh well!

Welcome back. I'm glad that you got one perfet shot of the cutie pie who does look a little shocked that the photo shoot was cancelled!

carolyn said...

hiya kim!
If I blogged on a more regular basis I would have seen that you tagged me! Sorry for the delay but I'm gonna do it. (It's my first time being tagged) Thanks! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend! I'm just now getting back to my routine, and came by to peruse your site... and look what I stumbled onto! I had no idea you'd tagged me! Oh god, now to come up with seven random things few people know about me! Hey, did you get my card?!?