Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rocking My World Some More ! - plus a Rocking Tutorial !

So these little rocks are slowly changing my life, I think, one little smooth surface at a time... Sherry at Esprit d'art commented way back on one of my first posts about them that she thought they should go "world wide" and somehow, they have become part of a mini-campaign of love already. I sent some to Sherry to enjoy and to give away in T.O. where she lives. My mom requested 20 or so to give out in her world. I have also included them in little snail mail art gifts to a few friends in Blog land (really flat ones work best !). It has been so much fun to share the love, especially with such loving people as these !!!!

This Friday I am part of an open house at a local paper craft store (Talk Paper Scissors). I will be selling some of my bamboo tile necklaces (you can see some in the photo above), some felted soaps and some magnets I came up with after being inspired by a gift from the Stumbly Diva herself ! I decided to paint a pile of my rocks as well and offer them for 5 rocks for a dollar and include this little card about the intention behind them.

I want to continue the Rock My World love campaign and allow some others to feel how great it feels when they put out a little more love in the world, even in a super simple way. I will also take any money I make on the rocks and donate it somewhere where I know it will make a difference. (maybe like to jen lemen's request for help for her friend Odette).

I also thought I could give a little tutorial about how I make the rocks so you can do it for yourself if you want ! It is pretty easy but took a little trial and error to find out what worked best for me.

Rocking Tutorial
Step 1 - Rocks :
First find some smooth rocks. I like the small, flat ones myself. Mine come from the beach in Hampton, New Hampshire but if you don't have a beach near you, you could check the craft stores in their flower arranging section. I have seen beach stones there for placing in the bottoms of vases.

Step 2 - Paint :
I add some color to some of my stones with acrylic craft paint. Opaque colors work best on the rocks. Let your paint dry really well before you do the next step - I like several hours or even over night.

Step 3 - Writing the Messages
The next step is writing on the rocks. I used White Gelly Roll Sakura pens for most of my rocks after trying a few different types of pens. The Gelly Rolls work pretty well on the porous surface of the rocks though you make have to go over your words twice. The pens will get blocked up really quickly if your acrylic paint is at all damp and this ruins them. I also had success with DecoColor opaque paint pens but I find that even their extra fine tip is not quite fine enough for my tastes. They work really well on the bare rocks as well as on the dried painted ones, and would be great on rocks that are a little bigger.

Step 4 - Where to Find Messages
I come up with my messages from all over. I pick up inspirational books and look for short quotes that inspire. I check out titles on other blogs that inspire me and modify the words to make them my own. I think of what would make me feel good to hear. I think of words that would make my world a little bit gentler, a little more kind and a lot more understanding and I white them onto those little gems !

Step 5 - Sealing the Rocks
After each rock is inscribed, I coat them with a brush-on sealer - Mod-Podge in Gloss works well and have a shiny finish that looks like the rocks are wet which I love. You could probably use spray varnish if you want but it is a little messy for me.

Step 6 - Let the Love Go !
Hand out your little rock treasures ! You can do it anonymously or person to person. Both feel so great ! And giving it out will bring it back into your life ten-fold, believe me !!!!

As a little finale to this post, I would like to offer to send a little package of 10 Rock My World rocks painted by me, to the first 3 people who send me a request. If you make a comment and include your email, I will email you for your snail mail address and have your little love package out to you a.s.a.p. !

Keep on Rockin, Baby !


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! I too like how your rocks shine. Rock on!

Olivia said...

I think I may have actually won something, Kim, the first time in the email address is omb75 at reachone dot com. I hope so, because, I really love the rocks, and the tutorial is very helpful, too. Will try this, as all I'd have to get are the gel pens. Also the necklaces are unique and lovely. Blessings, O

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Kim! I looooooooove these rock creations! They rock ! The picture of them all with other creations of yours is beautiful! Take care, LuLu

Jennifer said...

Hi there! I love this idea...I'd love some rocks, or I can make my own with your tutorial and then the next person to comment can win the 10...just in case they don't have the stuff/time to do this. I love this idea a whole lot!

You have inspired me as well...I'll email you :-)

Leah said...

totally love your rocks! i've been wanting to make some like that. thanks for the inspiration, kim!!

Anonymous said...

Love your rocks and what you're doing with them. You are one very cool lady, Kim! Love the necklaces as well...such talent!

Zura said...

Kim, I'm sorry that I'm just now making it over to your blog. I love it!! And I love, love, love the Rock My World project! I will feature it in a blog post. Is there anything else I can do to help spread the word? YOU rock! :)

carolyn said...

Oh Kim you do rock!
After I commented on the post above I kept reading your blog and there you have a tutorial on rock painting and have also started a movement! :-)
Awesome!!! Now I really do have to get my rocks painted. (they are large ones. Rye Beach has the best rocks but now I wish I collected some smaller ones!)
Thanks for the tut!
be well,

Melissa said...


I came over from the link at Leah's site.

I'm a rock painter too - but mine are from my yard. I live in a place called Quarryville, so we have a ton of rocks. They're not smooth like yours (lovely), but they work. I haven't yet gone out and left any for strangers, but one day I will! YAY. Also, loving the "Rock My World" card. Very cool!

~Rockin' and Paintin'~

Ananda said...

Your rocks are lovely. I learned about your blog while reading Leah's blog. I will bookmark it. It is wonderful.

Juel said...

My teenage daughter and I are always looking for a way to make people feel special. I'm so glad I found your blog today!! This is something my daughter and I are going to do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo
what a great tutorial you wrote!!! Thanks for that AND CONGRATS on winning the street team prize!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really are on a roll here, Kim. (Sorry, I couldn't help adding yet another "rock" pun.) What a wonderful way to spread love! This tutorial is terrific and I love what you are doing with your rocks.

I have a couple of ideas for you. Have you considered using an extra-long lettering brush and metallic paint? You might be able to find a good acrylic one with plenty of "snap" at JoAnn's, but I also like They have all manner of fabulous calligraphy supplies. You may even find a marker that works better.

Lastly, congratulations on being Michelle's Top Hat pick this month. The Queen has been honored by the Contessa of Cool. Now, how cool is THAT!

Nicole Austin said...

Cute gift idea! I found this through Chrysti's 29 days of giving.
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Holidays,

Teresa aka Tess said...

Oh I wish I had seen this post earlier. I love the idea behind the rocks. I would like to do this with healing words and just place them wherever or give them to people as reminders to pray more often. Thanks for posting the tutorial.

Terry Spier-Kalmar said...

You are one creative woman - what a great idea - thanks - I have printed the tutorial - I so love rocks....

PuppyLovePrincess said...

thanks for the tutorial. i'll be posting about this on my blog (w/ credits & link, of course.) what a wonderful, creative idea :)

karmacoy said...

Just found your blog through Patti Digh's blog. I love this idea. a few years ago, I went to an Early Childhood Educator's conference and there were bowls of painted rocks with messages as centre pieces for the tables.

I have recently met a group of people who have become friends and we are starting a co-op called Stone Soup Co-op. We have decided to paint stones with messages for our store front desk!

Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Susan Nash said...

This is an amazing, wonderful idea!!! Thank you for sharing your love and inspiration. I can't wait to "spread love" in my own small community. Hugs to you.

Minxy said...

This Idea ROCKS, i may just have to try it, pebble beaches watch out lol

Anne of Alamo said...

I saw your photo of the bowl of rocks on Patti Digh's blog, and tried to recreate my own digitally, I wanted to share what you inspired!

I hope you can see it! Now off to read everything on your blog!!

angela recada said...

This is wonderful! It's so nice to see others who are also crazy about collecting rocks and stones.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE this post! A friend left a comment on my blog (I did a post about rocks too) with the URL to this post, and I'm so glad she did. Your artwork is fantastic, and I love your blog too. Thanks for the inspiration!