Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Heart Walking Gets Rocked !

So I have this new ritual that I have started in my studio ever since I bought that new great dresser from the thrift store and I have a little more surface space to play with. I created a little altar space. I have a gorgeous-smelling soy candle that my aunt Lise gave me for my birthday there, along with a silver bowl of Rock My World rocks and some other little objects that mean a lot to me. I also have some of my favorite painting and art objects hanging on the wall above the altar.

I have been trying to start my creative time in the studio by lighting a candle and then picking a couple of rocks to set the mood for the day. It feels good - like a little prayer time - and somehow prepares the space for my creative expression and play.

These were the rocks that picked me today. ;)

I think I can work with those - lots of juicy stuff there!

Speaking of juicy stuff, I have to share a gift I received unexpectedly in the mail last week. It made me cry when I opened it. I felt so special, so loved and so cared about. A true gift in every sense of the word !

It has been over a month since Squam. Some days it feels like it never happened, like it was all just a dream. But then, I think of the people I connected with, the people I will know for ever, even if we never get to physically meet again.

Corrine and Me - Sept.2009

One special person I connected with was Corrine. She lives in MA so there is a very, very good chance that we will be getting together asap to play. In fact, I am working on making it happen as we speak !

Corrine was my housemate in Porter's Lodge and we also took both of Judy Wise's class together. You can learn more about her at her blog : dos fishes. I shared lots of good stuff with this talented and very loving lady during our Squam adventures and she comes to my mind often. Well, I guess I come to her mind too, because look at what she send me in a box just about the size of a bread box last week:

There was a canvas piece of her wonderful collage art with it's awesome sewn paper in it, adding that amazing texture and line...

And there was a golden box that held a gift from Nature that Corrine knew would

touch my heart big time !

How beautiful a Heart Rock is that !!! I love, love love it !

What touches me the most was that this kind, wonderful woman thought about me, knew that receiving such a perfectly thoughtful gift would touch me immeasurably and that she took the time to package up all that love and send it to me courtesy of the US Postal Service so that it would arrive as a surprise at my door ! That just blows me away ! It makes my heart sing with joy. So thank you, thank you Corrine, for this love-filled gift. It rocked my world in a beautiful way !

PS:(Corrine is an amazing animal lover and has rescued many furry friends from horrible ends. She recently lost her beloved 14 year old dog, Blossom, and I know she could use some loving vibes and thoughts sent her way as she goes through this mourning, so if you can add her to your loving list today, that would be so wonderful.)

As my friend Patti would say, be someone's angel today !

Big love, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

How fabulous!!! I believe that what we wish into the world becomes reality...your shrine and your prayers each day as you begin the day affirm that.

Corrine is an angel in your life and has graced you with beauty. Her art is incredible...and that rock?!?! Only fitting that it flew (and that must have been a weight!!) right to you!! ♥

Commuter's Journal said...

Kim, your last two posts make me want to do the dance of joy! To see you creating such beautiful work and drinking in all that joyful energy from Corrine, Carmen and our gorgeous New England autumn is heartwarming. Rock on, Rock Fairy, rock on!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

More wonders! :)

lyle said...

kim, you are one lucky girl to have such a thoughtful friend. corrine was a delight to meet at squam and I hope since you all arent too far away you will see each other again. you too are a thoughtful person and as is said "what goes around..." happy tuesday, lyle

Anonymous said...

The pleasure is all mine "big heart walking"....you made my trip to Squam one of the most cherished times of my life! Your giving nature inspires us all...




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Snap said...

I do Love Mail Call!

Julie Prichard said...

I love the alter you have created...and the ritual that accompanies it is beautiful..as if your new friendship and the special moments that you have created! Beautiful art!

beth said...

you are so loved....and loving !

and that ROCK totally rocks....LOL

your ritual with the rocks and candles...I want to do that too....like everyday when I get up !!

Jacky said...

What a wonderful, heartfelt gift. I hope you and Corinne get together again very soon, lovely when friends get together for a chat and an *art* session.

I am doing three days of classes with Judy Wise in March when she comes out to Australia...amazing to think we are so far away from each other, but both taking/taken classes with Judy!!!

Love your new altar you have set up on your new dresser. I love having candles lit (especially those beautiful soy candles), creates a lovely atmosphere.

Take care and have a lovley week.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

Kimmy, what a wonderful bunch of posts. I haven't checked for a few days! Wow what a light you bring! Keep up the good works! I am so deeply proud of and amazed by your talents, wisdom and caring. Not surprised though:):)
I love you precious one.
Blessings and love,

deb did it said...

BEAUTIFUL, BLESSED, BRAVO!! Loving my visits here with you...and oh that photo with your heart in the hand....WOW!

A Miraculous Meliss said...

You are full of lovely'ness....and so is your wonderfull blog.


Jamie said...

Oh I have missed you so and your wonderful ability to make me feel so happy:) Lovely , sweet gifts and beautiful art. Who could ask for anything more? Your altar space is a wonderful idea. I am getting ready to start creating my studio and I would love to have a space like that too:) Love You! Jamie

Jennifer said...

Kim you are just wonderful.

Karen Cole said...

You are truly gifted, great friends, great gifts......great rocks!

Paula said...

Your altar sounds wonderful! I've been gathering some items for one for me over these past few weeks. Thanks for giving me the "push" to get it done already!

arlene said...

oh Kim. only a true friend would send a big rock in the mail just because she knew you would love it! What a gift! And the canvas is GORgeUs!!
Your world rocks, sweet girl!
I see the universe is fanning the flames in that big heart or yours, and that blesses me more than I can say.