Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, Come On !

So what's been going on this week at the Queen of Arts Studio ?

A whole flock of these has settled in - ready to be packaged up for the November Craft sale. at the local high school.

Quite a bit of paint got spilled and smushed and smeared as I finally took the time

to play with all the great tips and techniques from

that I was so lucky to have won the tuition for !

So far we have made some gorgeous backgrounds and we are moving on to image transfers in the second lesson.

I also have a bit of a special project in the works with a certain Writer-Lady friend of mine

that we will be announcing next week.

And tomorrow....

Well, tomorrow is...

the Big

4 4 for the Queen herself !

I will actually be driving most of the day as I am heading up to Montreal for the weekend.

It is Canadian Thanksgiving and my birthday so we will be celebrating lots of good stuff.

Unfortunately, David has to stay home to do some work on the apartment we rent out upstairs before the new tenants move in next week. I think Cosmo, Chica and Azzy are good with that !We will continue the Kim Festival next week and celebrate some more together when I return.

While up north, I will have time with my sweet and wonderful family, and some of my great girl pals up there, not to mention some gorgeous small people who I have been missing very much !

So I will be back Tuesday to post but will have the chance to check in during the weekend, just in case anyone leaves me a comment or anything... ;)

I have so very much in my life to celebrate and to be thankful for !

Let the Festivities begin !!!


Sherry said...

Love how you got the "44" shot...excellent!!!

Yes, it's Thanksgiving and now I have something else to give thanks for -- my wonderful friendship with you, the lady of the birthday!!

Those birdies are gorgeous as are your spill it pieces (still think that one looks like batik!) are you beautiful one.

Happiest of birthdays...a year feel of joy...and enjoy your weekend with the family and the friends. Drive safely!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Heart Walking.

Have a ball in Montreal with friends
and family.

Looks like you have been celebrating already- can't wait to hear the news of your collaboration to come.



beth said...

the happiest of early birthday wishes are being sent your way right now with a great big bow on them !

safe travels and have a wonderful time playing and laughing with your family and friends !!!

now make a wish and blow out the candles on the cake I just made you :)

{that I guess I'll have to eat all by myself...snort}

Snap said...

Have a wonderful time. Love the Spill It and congrats on winning the tuition.

Auntie Snap

Jacky said...

Happy Birthday to lovely to be travelling up to spend it with family...have the bestest day!

Congratulations too on winning the tuition, and lucky us, we get to see what you create.

Enjoy your special day.

Jacky xox

deb did it said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! oh how I adore those birdies! and what a fun self portrait!! You are on a roll girlfriend! Have a fabulous trip! CELEBRATE!

Paula said...

Happy birthday, Kim!!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Safe journies and Happy Thanksgiving!

henrysmom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! wishing you the best year yet...the biggest LIFE walking towards you! Linda

Julie Prichard said...

Ohhh 4 4! Did I know that? Happy birthday to you!! Know what else tomorrow is? My wedding anniversary.. we're linked!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! Have a safe and wonderful trip.


Kate Robertson said...

Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to the Queen of Arts, Happy Birthday to you..... I always sing to people on their birthday...

I hope 44 is truly memorable and that you have a fantastic weekend. you deserve many blessing.



MB Shaw said...

Happy four-four. That sounds so much more exotic doesn't it, like agent four-four. You are carrying it well, my dear :-)
Love your flock of birds btw.

angel said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!
I hope your time in Montreal is fun and restful and may all of your dreams come true this year!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! I hope your birthday is as special as you are... so glad you're going to celebrate with your family, sorry your hubby can't go! What a great guy, right?!? Have a great time, drive safely, and know you are loved by lots and lots of people in the blogosphere!!! xoxo, K.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Big huge happy birthday hugs on their way! We are sisters, you and I! I'll be 44 in January.

The flock is fantastic and the backgrounds are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the transfers. I need to take some classes.

Have a great trip and great weekend and hope you have a perfect birthday celebration!

arlene said...

I LOVE your birds! I LOVE your backgrounds and your journal pages! I have my specail, 0ne-of-a-kind Kim-made journal sitting here with me, and while you are celebrating (Hooray for you) I will be playing in it! Have a great weekend dear Kim, and enjoy those wee ones! Thanksgiving is the loveliest of holidays, don't you think?
Happy Birthday!!

Genie Sea said...

Happy Birthday Queen Kim of the Splendid Arts and Textures! :)

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen! Love, O

breathe as me said...

oh i wish i could be there with you to celebrate in person!... Happy Happy Birthday to you :)

love the art, love the backgrounds, love the color, love the celebration...

i think i'll have a piece of cake over here to celebrate you :)


stregata said...

A very Happy Birthday!!! I just received my copy of "Superhero" - it is awesome!

Commuter's Journal said...

Let the royal decree be proclaimed across the land -- it's the Queen's birthday. Huzzah! Huzzah!

I hope you have a wonderful time up north with your loved ones, Kim. Here's to many, many happy returns!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Have a super Happy Birthday celebration! I love the backgrounds you made! Gorgeous! And your birds and rocks, too! Lots of yumminess! :-)

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday yesterday beautiful lady. Love, love love to you :)

Karin Bartimole said...

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!! let the god times roll!
a blessed birthday ❤ filled hug for you, dear Kim!
xox Karin

Kriss said...

Happy birthday beautiful lady!!!

Love, Kriss

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it is SOOOO good to come back here and see all the goodness you've been up to! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I'm so glad I wasn't too late in wishing you one. And also, a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I've missed you and seeing your beautiful creations very much. Congratulations on winning the tuition for that amazing-looking workshop!

I've been deeply in my shell for months and just starting to come out again now and I really need to get back into creating things. It has been a long, long, long, long time.

Lots and lots of LOVE to you, dear girl! XOXO Serena

eb said...

HAPPY HAPPY birthday Kim - 44 is oh so good and have fun in Montreal - you're 2 hours away...

xox - eb.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

How did I miss this post?! Happy, happy birthday chicklet, Oh Queen of Arts! I love those birds - have some hanging at two of my doors. Prosperity hens, I think they are called. I hope your trip was enjoyable (if chilly). May plenty of lovelies await you this year.

laurel said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Love all the things you are playing with. Very inspiring.