Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoy Every Lick of It !

So this morning, I just had to journal !

I have many things on the to do list. But I had this feeling like it all could wait until I had taken some time to nurture myself, to play and to express some gratitude for the lessons I am learning.

I needed to be completely IN THE MOMENT with myself.

Journaling does that for me.

Art Journal Page - "Enjoy Every Lick !" - October 21, 2009
Here's the page that came about quite quickly this morning.

The great thing is that I have many pages of backgrounds all ready prepped in my journal, so I can get going more easily when I do take the time to just play.
The images, the words and the composition just kind of jumped out of me.

Love it when that happens !

I can see the influence of my wonderful Judy again in how this page turned out

and also in the process of PLAY that I went through to create it.

It is so cool to start adopting new little "tricks" into your play time, inspired by others.

That's another awesome thing about being a part of this Blogland art community.

So much to inspire everywhere you go !

Makes for some very fun play time when you just go for it.

A little of me, and little of what I see, a little more of what I feel and

Voila !

Happy Journaling Camper !

Yesterday evening, David and I went to the beach at Hampton to gather some rocks for the Rock Fairy.

Soon they will be covered with the white stuff and she needs a good batch to keep her going for the winter.

We headed there right after David got home from work at 5:00. We had about 45 minutes of daylight left to gather rocks after we made the 30 minute drive.

The light was kind of gorgeous at the ocean at that time of day, at this time of the year.

Sort of foggy blue, misty, blurred and soft.

I took pictures of us in my usual arms length way and captured this somehow without a flash.

I love the blur!

It shows that light pretty well. And I love David's prayerful look.

He was probably praying that I hurry up and take a photo and let him get into the car to get warm ;) , but I think he looks beautiful anyway !

Gotta love this guy ! He puts up with my crazy stuff all the time.

I love that soul mate man of mine so very much !

So I am back in the studio with my birdies and rocks now. I am so thankful for all the orders for my treats ! It just thrills me to know that things I make with love are leaving me and being loved elsewhere !

I added some more birdies to the Etsy shop as I sold 8 of them from there this week. Only the Yellow Bird was left from the first day I listed them. How come the Yellow Bird ? I don't know! I love the yellow zebra bird, myself. I guess it will find a good home when it is time ! ;)

I added a new black one that I just love ! I think it looks like a mini-crow. Cute, right ?

Back to the Aviary as David is calling the studio now !

I promise to take some time later today to catch up with some blog visits. I haven't missed too much, but I feel like I am a little disconnected from my Blogpals and I don't like it !

In the mean time, I am sending big love and hugs to you, beautiful Ones !

Happy Wednesday !


Kate Robertson said...

Love the journal pages Kim they are so fullof vibrant life. Glad you are making more birdies too I will be getting one soon. I gotta have a purple one.


Sherry said...

I love the blurry photo! But then, you knew I would..there is something about that blur. As my "teacher" Madelyn said, it makes the photo shimmer!! You and David are shimmering in this and he looks soulful and prayerful.

I love you on the beach in your journal page -- arms I am...fabulous!!

I'm off to play some more...did a little bit after errands but need to leave here at 2:30 for school hockey which really cuts into "me" time!! :(

Weekend of the 21st is looking good for some time in the aviary...will be in touch soon!! ♥

beth said...

I love that you love to journal and do it so fabulously well and I love that your understanding soul mate loves you for who you are....we are so lucky that way :)

Snap said...

I love to see you working/playing/happy/busy/loving/adventuring/journaling (have I left anything out?)!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures of you and your makes me so happy when a wonderful, crafty, and amazing woman has the support and partnership of her soul mate (and vise versa)...that's how it's supposed to be, so high five to you guys for that:)

Your journal page is wonderful and it is full of the brightness that you are emanating! Thanks for the long distance hug. I'm going down for the count and will be out from work for the next two day to rest :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, my eye was instantly drawn to the picture of you on the beach...the way your bare feet make a little dent in the glistening, fine, wet sand. My feet want to do that soon! And I also love the blurry takes on the feel of a painting, almost. Congratulations on all the sales!

Dawn said...

Awesome journal pages, Kim! Do you ever look back at your blog? I think it's a great exercise .. to see where you've been and how far you've come. And you've come a long way, baby!

Now go do some ART!


P.S. It is a blessing for sure to have a man who appreciates you and supports you in your artsy ways, eh?!

Anonymous said...

I did NOT know that definition for "instigator." Very interesting. I love, love, love your glorious journal pages! And those colorful, magickal lovebirds, too!

I've got your rocks sprinkled about on the the counter next to me for now. I don't want to part with them just yet. I'm waiting for an inspiration to let me know when it's time to bring one or two to some special place and leave them for the right someones who need them to find.

Those are wonderful photos of you and David. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you two make a beautiful couple.