Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little glimpses into my Weekend World...

6:30 am rock walk shot

"Show Up."

new art journal page - Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels & India Ink

Meet ....

I am still writing her story...

I am listening and watching this :

"Her Morning Elegance"...isn't that a beautiful name for a song ?

Love it and this video is such a work of art too.

It's Sunday morning now. I am up early again. Seems to be a pattern of the last week or so to wake up early even though it is dark dark dark out still. I think I have a lot of inspiration and drive right now...I am going with it !

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. I started with a chilly but energizing walk with the Chica dog at 6:30. I woke her up !

Pancake breakfast with David and some blog catching up followed. Then we started a quest to find the perfect inexpensive piece of furniture to add to my studio for storage. Two Goodwill Stores and one consignment shop later, we found the perfect solid oak bedroom dresser that has 6 drawers and fits perfectly in the space ! So happy !

I spent the rest of the day starting the Big Dig of studio clean ups. I want to re-organize & reduce the amount of stuff I have in the studio. I still have a lot to do but it is a great colder weather project and I will get there one pile and one drawer at a time !

In the evening, after a yummy chicken and Greek salad dinner, David settled in to watch some shows that I don't really like to watch like Heroes and Flash Forward (Love our DVR!), and I headed back into my favorite room in the house now - the studio. Clean tabletop means a perfect place to make a mess ! So out came the art journal, the paints, some good tunes on my Pandora radio station, and the end result was Violet featured above.

I am so loving the places my art is going ! This piece was actually inspired by the styles of two teachers of mine. Anne Bagby taught me this drawing technique in the Ultimate Painted Page workshop I took with her a few years back. The technique is to draw faces or figures where each line is connected some how to another - no free floating shapes or lines allowed. The technique popped into my head as I was thinking about the amazing dolls that Judy Wise shared with us on her blog this week. I love how she just went for it with their faces, their bodies and their costumes. No worry about "realism" there ! Love it ! I also love how Judy creates a story around her dolls. Just like all of us, her little beings come with a tale to tell. Violet will get hers too - it is percolating in my playful artist brain.

I know right now too that I need to get out of my art journal and create some pieces that can be framed, on watercolor paper I think. The thing is, I like the finished product of a "journal" - a body of play created over time and joined together with its binding. I also feel like it is time to break out of there and learn that I can make art that is "frame" worthy too. I will never give up my art journal completely though - it is my first love, my best therapy and the art form that has taught me so very much about myself as a person and as an artist.

Today is all about friendship and the birds.

Sonia is coming over to hang out in my nice tidy studio and we are going to knock out a ton of beaded birds today ! That along with some good girl talk and a nice lunch at some point. She will help me stuff and sew the bods so Ii can do my Queenly touches afterwards. I need the help ! I want to put some in the Etsy shop (hopefully by the end of the day today !) and I have orders for them that add up to about 60 birds ! Plus the craft fair...Yikes ! The feathers will be flying ! Good thing I think these little sweeties are so cute !

Off to shower and go buy some goodies for lunch later !

Have a creative and love filled Sunday, beautiful Ones !


beth said...

what a great day you have planned...

enjoy every second of it !!!

not that you needed that reminder at all...but you know what I mean !!

Snap said...

Busy, lovely day ... Have fun!

Judy Wise said...

hee hee. I've been playing with my rocks too; love to come up on them unawares in my studio. You have such good ideas.

lynne h said...

love this face, kim! xo

Kate Robertson said...


Its now Sunday night and I am sure you had a fantastic day. Wonderful post. I have not used those pastels in awhile. Seeing your vibrant work wants me to pull them out again and play. I know what you mean about the art journal. Most of my work is done there too.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Great idea to look in the goodwill shops for the dresser. I am so happy to see you happy and rockin'!

Genie Sea said...

I come here to the fountain of energy and creativity and feel restored and rejuvenated by the awesomeness of the Queen of Arts! Thank you Kim, for the gorgeous art, the inspiring words and the fantastic video! :)

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Amazing color! I need me some of those oil pastels!!


Commuter's Journal said...

How great to see how you are growing as an artist, Kim! So glad to be on this journey with you. Now how about a Kim portfolio on your blog? (Watermarked, of course!) It would be inspiring and instructive to see the Queenly evolution.

Sherry said...

Now THAT is a weekend!! Sounds amazing...I think I would like to spend a weekend with you!! hee!! :)

Show up -- yes ma'am, that's it -- we need to always show up. We might not have 100% that day, but showing up is the most important thing to do.

And I'm intrigued by Violet -- I'm loving what you've shown so far...look forward to seeing more!!!!

DMG said...

There's something just so safe about journals, isn't there? Your Sunday sounds idyllic, and I think we were up creating at about the same hour. Sunday before eight am always seems to be prime inspiration time for me. We MUST be meeting on the same plane somewhere in our dreams, Kim. Take a look at the journal page I'm going to post tonight "Simple Gifts," and see if the colors remind you of anything. I do love where your art is going too; Violet is absoluely luscious!

Jennifer said...

I love how things are going for you Kim! It sounds wonderful and I can *hear* and *feel* a sense of renewal that is heart warming :) I love the first shot "Show up", that could be a print itself. The colors and everything are amazing.