Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jewels and Birds and Kitty Cat Tails...

that's what my days are made of,
right now anyway.

A few weeks ago, I took part in Se'lah's Gift of Jewels project, celebrating the Ethiopian New Year by spreading some extra love around the world. I sent my gift to Suvarna at raptinlight,and I was supposed to do a post about the lovely, lovely gift I received from Elizabeth at retinal perspectives when I received it. But of course, my busy plate and my faulty memory meant that I didn't get to it when I should have, but I received a reminder from Se'Lah and from Sherry this week, and I am rectifying this situation right now !

Look at this gorgeous photo card that Elizabeth sent. Isn't the light beautiful ?

This is the interior of the card. Equally lovely.

Plus there was a quote from my favorite...

I was definitely delighted with my jewel from Elizabeth,

and also in taking part in Se'lah's project. Anything that connects people in love is definitely something I want to be a part of !

I have been busily working in the studio since I got back from Squam. I have some fun irons in the fire, which is keeping me very motivated to get things done. One of the irons is a craft fair coming up in November. It is being organized by a good friend of mine to fund raise for the theater program at her daughter's high school. The theater budget was completely scrapped this year by the district so the students at the school are now obliged to "pay as you go" if they want to take drama classes. The condition of the arts in our schools is truly deplorable ! Anyway, in order to get some of my stuff out there and to be a part of the solution at this school, I will be selling my wares as well as making a donation to the fair's auction table.

These birdies are one of the things I will be selling :

They are made from gorgeous cotton batiks and they are stuffed

with a bit of French Lavender. They make perfect car jewelry.

I made some for my housemates and my awesome teachers at Squam.

I will be making these by the dozens as I also have a

contract for 40 of them for my Mom's boss in Montreal.

Have to say that seeing them all grouped together really makes me smile.

Pretty bright birdies with a Queenly touch to them !

Speaking of things that make me smile...

You know I had to include a photo of my baby !

Here he is sleeping on the daybed.

He does actually sleep sometimes, which is good,

because the rest of the time, he is up to all kinds of lovely, fun kitten mischief.

It is really fun to have his lively energy in our sometimes sleepy, quiet house !

Here are the top three things I love about my Cosmo Kitty so far :

3. That he met our vet nose to nose (which she loved) at his first visit there.

2. That he slept on David's lap during tv watching time, just like Singer used to do.

and the Number 1 thing that I love about Cosmo Kitty so far...

1. How he purrs his head off every time I pick him up ! I love that Kitten Love !

I am back to the beading table and my birdies ! Have a sweet Sunday, beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

Loving these birdies; they make me smile too! And, I couldn't think of a better way to "spend" the profits. I hate what's happening to the arts programs. They goodnes, they're alive and well at our school!

beth said...

okay...can I just say those birds are amazing ?
do you draw the eye on the fabric ? and paint the beak yellow after the stuffing and sewing ?

you really are the queen when it comes to making things I love !!!

wow !

Anonymous said...

Those birds are truly gorgeous and offer a car-freshening alternative to those of us who cannot stomach the little cardboard pine trees and such.

Snap said...

The birds are great! I bet Cosmo would like one! ;D

Dawn said...

I love your birdies Kim! I have no doubt that you could sell a gazillion of them!

Karyn said...

I miss that kitten love. My favourite add on tv at the moment has a contented cat purring away on comfy cushion couches. I wish I could purr.

patti said...

Your birdies are a delight Kim and the bright colours are so good for the soul. Good luck with your fundraising!

Anonymous said...

tweet tweet you're so sweet.:):):)
Love you,

LoLa said...

I love looking at the cat.

Kate Robertson said...


I love these birdies. You need some in your etsy shop too so all us bird lovers can get some.


Kate Robertson said...


I love these birdies. You need some in your etsy shop too so all us bird lovers can get some.


Sherry said...

I love the card you were sent from Elizabeth! It's absolutely perfect for you!!

Your birds are happy..I'm loving the fabric and what a simple idea to bring happiness...the batik bird of happiness! Perfect for the etsy shop indeed!!

And Cosmo makes me smile...because he's making you so happy. I think this little guy knew that you and David were needing some purr love and he was just the one to bring it!

SE'LAH... said...

So glad that you enjoyed the *gift of jewels* project. the card and fabric - also beautiful.

deb did it said...

the birds are adorable!

arlene said...

Way to "Be the change" Kim! The birds make me so happy!

kate i said...

These birds are simply lovely Kim...are they for sale?? Your cosmo kitty is pretty darn cute too!