Friday, October 16, 2009

I am One Thankful Queen !

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice.
~Meister Eckhart

So I haven't been around much this week. I have been busily putting together and sending off "Rock My World" rock orders that Patti and I received, which has been such a pleasure. I am also working on those birdies that some of you have expressed interest in so I can put a few in the Etsy shop, and still have enough to have an inventory at the craft fair in November.

All the while happily working like a little house elf, I have been thinking about some wonderful, phenomenal gifts that I have received lately, many of them for my birthday and others just gifts of real friendship and love that I am so very grateful for.

Finally this morning, I have some time to edit some photos and put some words together to express some gratitude for all the Kimbo Love I have been getting !

Let's go back to last Friday when it was actually my birthday. I had a fantastic drive up to Montreal. I was loving the beautiful Fall colors in spite of the few raindrops that were falling. I even snapped a couple of photos while driving. Dangerous but definitely one of the joys of digital !

happy driver

check out those colors !

How did I center this while going 70 ? ;)

Friday night I was treated like a Queen ! My sweet Mommy took me shopping at the MAC Cosmetic counter where they did me up real nice and then she bought me some new juicy colors of make-up that add some sparkle to my face to go along with my new short hair. Then it was off to dinner with Sister Nat, nephew Nathan, brother-in-law Dave, Uncles Nick and Charlie, Cousin Matt, sweet Aunt Lise and Mommy. The food was really, really bad at the quaint Italian place we went but the company was so awesome.

Not too many photos of that night as I was just hanging out and enjoying the evening.Here is Nick, Natalie, Mom, Nathan and Me.

Saturday, I headed north to La Conception for our Thanksgiving get together at Kristina and John's house.

Katie and Me !

The woods were a little dangerous due to some bear issues (yes, bear issues !) around the area so we went for a lovely walk in the farmer's fields instead. Check out those gorgeous mountains in the distance !

My 18 year old niece Jessica and my sister Nat - mom and daughter love !

The three sisters - Nat, Kristina and Me - had some silly and fun sister time !

We enjoyed a fire outside, some good card games inside, some beautiful leaf peeping, nice family chats, and not to mention, some awesome turkey and all the fixings thanks to Kristina (with a little help from her friends). A spectacular weekend.

I received so many gifts - material ones, some I gave to myself, and gifts of love and time that made my heart feel so very, very good.

Today I gathered just some of them together to take a photo.

Clockwise - fingerless gloves I bought for myself (check out the amazing stuff katwise does with old sweaters!), hand made card from Thomas, sweet card from my mommy, gorgeous purse I bought for myself in this amazing boutique in Mont Tremblant, the amazing mermaid my friend Lois created and had a wonderful creative time doing it, THE Journal from Arlene from the Canadian Chickie's journal swap, a beautiful necklace from Kristina featuring a charm with a moon on it just like the moon was on the night I was born 44 years ago, and a sweet smelling "escape" soy candle from my Aunt Lise.

Isn't she lovely, with her sparkly tail and her twisted wire hair ??? Made of love...

44 years ago on October 9th, the moon was FULL ! How cool is that ?

Isn't this purse fit for a Queen of Arts? Love it !

And now for a little more about Arlene's magical journal. You may remember back in May when we Canadian Chickies did our apron swap and Arlene made me the most beautiful, magical and lovely Mermaid Apron. Well, that talented lady decided that 2009 was to be the Year of the Mermaid - which is absolutely perfect for mermaid loving me ! So my journal from her for our journal swap carries that sweet theme. What was also cool was that the journal was waiting for me at my Mom's on Friday so it became part of the birthday treats too !

Arlene used a children's book version of The Little Mermaid , chopped it up and added key pieces to the journal, like the cover.

Look at these luminescent blue pages just waiting for my journal writing, paint and gluing fun.

The illustrations from the original book make perfect additions - I can already imagine some stuff to add to this page !

Arlene also added in some of her gorgeous sewing technique where she adds treasure beneath a layer of tulle.

Love this page !!!

I can't wait to dive in and frolic under the sea in my beautiful Mermaid Journal !

Thank you so much, Lovely Arlene, for all the love, creativity and care you put into this work of art. I truly love it !

It is hard to write a post that expresses all the joy, love and good stuff that has been floating around me lately. There are always the mundane or mean things too...that is life on this planet, I know. But there is something to be said about focusing on what is right in your little world. It absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, has begun to bring me more of what is right. Tons more really! So along with expressing the tons of gratitude I feel for all the gifts I have been receiving, I offer some encouragement for my fellow women and men on this journey with me. Focus on what is right and good, even if it is in the tiniest way, and see what happens. You may just make a difference for someone else, and you may just make a big difference for yourself. Now, wouldn't that be a gift ?

What's right with you today, beautiful Ones ?

As for me, I am off to frolic in my sea...


Sherry said...

What a beautiful post Kim! It was one joyful thing after another and I just kept smiling more and more!

Love the photos of you while driving...and I laughed..."I'm supposed to be driving but I'm going to do 2 things at once" and they came out great!!!

Wonderful family time and wonderful family (and Katie bug is as cute as ever!)...nice to see all the sisters and Nathan and his daddy plus your most beautiful mother!!

And birthday treats...I cracked up that the food at the Italian restaurant was horrible but you had such good family time!

The MAC counter (so many gorgeous colours there and so many jewel tones...), your mermaid, that purse you bought yourself (and I'm going to check out those gloves because I'm looking for fingerless myself)...and your journal from Arlene. WoW -- I love that page "what next" -- "she lived happily ever after" -- indeed!!!

As I say -- what a delightful post...I know I'll be smiling the rest of the day!

Sweet said...

This is a beautiful site. I've just had a moment where I feel like I need to show even more gratitute for the things that I have. You inspired me today.

Hope you spent your b-day well.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What a terrific birthday celebration that was. I hope those mean things fade away quickly. It looks like this past year has been an extraordinary one for you, your crown is shining light further and farther into the world. May this next year find you on many new and exciting paths.

Commuter's Journal said...

You look radiant in all of these gorgeous photos, Kim! Your inner light is shining. So glad to see you enjoying in the embrace of loved ones.

And, ooh! That Canadian autumn!

beth said...

what a birthday celebration...

everything from the color on the trees all the way down to the perfect "what next" page in that yummy journal...

you are blessed my sweet so many ways and I can see it all in that twinkle in your eye :)

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful birthday and lovely gifts! I had to laugh at the bad Italian food and taking pics while driving!

Oddly enough, one thing that went right was that my sweet husband was sick and wanted/needed me to stay home from work was tough at first, but family first! So I stayed home and got to have the much needed greatest conversation with a girlfriend while he slept and after some orange juice, sleep, and lunch he felt better....sometimes I think knowing you're loved can make you feel better.

...Then on my way to pick up the kid, I heard Coldplay on the radio and thought of you and couldn't wait to get a moment to say "hi"..."Hi!!"

hugs to you :)

Snap said...

Great post ... filled with love, excitement, love, beauty, love, presents, love, beautiful photos, love, ... Happy, Happy!

Julie Prichard said...

Oh fantastic! Love the shot of you and your sisters....and the scenery..and even the Italian dinner. what a nice time!

Kate Robertson said...


It sure looked like a wonderful birthday. I am so glad that you got my card before you left. what wonderful gifts you've been showered with. You deserve it all and more.


Anonymous said...

I received my lovely rocks in the mail today! Yay!! I posted about them.

I loved seeing all your pictures here. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. And what a bunch of awesome birthday gifts! That is one gorgeous mermaid journal. And I adore that moon pendant! That is enchanting!! Love it.

Oh yeah, Katwise rocks! I love her clothing, and what an amazing human being she is! I'd found her site last year and spent hours looking through it and reading about her travels around the world.

What's right with me today? Well, I finally found me a perfume that I absolutely adore. It's called Sun and it's by Zents. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. It is extremely rare for me to find a perfume I can actually wear. This one smells like incense - vanilla, sandalwood, amber, blood orange, and grapefruit. Mmmmmmmmm!

Thanks for always reminding me to look for the gifts in life! XOXOXOXO

Marcyanna said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great post! Lately it has been difficult for me to remember the good things as I have been focusing too much on the negative.

What is right with me? I have a job(something not to be taken for granted here in Detroit). My husband and I are closer than ever. I am going to be an Auntie again in a little more than a month. I gave great friends who have recently been there to pick me up when I was getting too down. These are just a few things out of many.

Thanks for reinforcing what I already know on the inside--you are so good at doing that--don't ever stop!!!
Happy Belated Birthday!

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Happy belated birthday!! Of course the moon was full - that's why you are so full of so many wonderful things ~ love, laughter, creativity. I am so glad that you were born! YAY KIM!

~birthday squeezies~