Thursday, October 1, 2009

And now introducing....

Cosmo Kitty !!!

The newest member of our family!!! After losing Singer and all the sadness around her being sick and so on, we decided it was the right thing for us to bring a new little life into our home. We got this fabulously black sweet boy through Animal Alliance - a local rescue organization for cats in our area. He is 16 weeks old and was one of the last kitties of his litter to be rescued. I guess some people don't like black cats but they are a big favorite with me ! Cosmo, or Cosmos with a silent "s" is his name, after the blackness of that shiny coat of his, and the sparkly eyes and spirit in him that remind me of the stars !

He is settling in quickly into our house after just two days.

We put him into our dressing room where he could meet the other guys through the glass of the French doors first.

Azzy is our four year old tabby. I think he is the most reluctant to say he is glad that Cosmo is here. We thought he would be so glad to have a playmate but he is still accessing the situation.

Chica on the other hand is totally fine. The little guy wasn't afraid of her one bit !!

He is already batting her tail whenever she wags it in front of him. He is a spirited little guy !

This shot proves we are all going to be okay !

Here are Chica, Azzy and Cosmo all on the daybed in Dave's office TOGETHER !

Azzy is pretty big, and kinda chunky - check out the "littleness" of my sweet new guy beside his gorgeous fat cat bro.

The fat cat has already taught the little one some bad habits - like sitting on the

dining room table to watch the passersby !

One of the most touching things is that we keep finding the

little Cosmo kitty lying like this on the chair where Singer spent

so much time in her last days with us. Sad, touching, right somehow...

I am one happy Momma !

You should see the kisses and "mooks" that this guy gives !

Heavenly !

And yes, that is a new hair cut ! I am loving it !

I also had a blast going to a brand new hairdresser yesterday.

We rocked it together and I am now rocking the new do !

I have had some time to do a little bit of art

in the midst of all the excitement of the last few days.

This is my latest journal page.

I love, love love this poem by Rumi.

The background for this piece was actually started in Judy Wise's Play Book Class at Squam.

I actually started with the face of the bird. I took a photograph of a child's face from a magazine, lightly gessoed it and then painted and drew the features back on. (great technique if you're not great at drawing "realistic" faces, like me !) I integrated it into a bird's body which I drew and then painted purple.

I printed the poem out on regular photocopy paper and then sliced it up. I added the hands which are images from an anatomy book I found on Flick'r. Some details other details were added to the page with my tool of choice, the dip pen and black ink, and a cork and a pencil dipped in white paint .

Basically, I played using all kinds of stuff I have learned from all over the place, including some wonderful teachers along the way. I also put a lot of ME in there, make it my own.

Today, I am so very grateful for the fact that I know how to play.

I rediscovered how to play fearlessly.

That has become a great gift in my life !

I wish the same for anyone who is still holding on to the fear of looking silly or making a mess or having too much fun, you know , like kids do.

Play is really good for you, you know. Even the Greek philosophers knew it :

"Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play." - Heraclitus

So I hope you play the day away, Beautiful Ones !

(our theme song around here....our house is a very very fine house, with two cats and a dog...)


Snap said...

Your little Cosmos is a very lucky little guy! Joy!

BJ Lantz said...

You are indeed rockin' that do - love it! And LOVE the new "baby" Cosmos!!! I have three babies - 1 tortie and 2 all black (and the one we lost at 19.5 years old was black as well). In my opinion, black cats are the absolute sweetest kitties and those folks that are afraid of adopting black kitties are missing the love boat. (statistically they are the hardest to place) One of these days I'll introduce mine on the blog.

Kate Robertson said...

Oh Cosmos is such a cutie. I am glad to see him in his new surroundings. I have 3 kitties too! But no black ones. All of mine found me so I didn't get to pick color or anything like that.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cosmos! Love your new haircut - too cute!

Many blessings for your happy little family,

Sherry said...

A perfect song as you welcome Cosmo to your seems everyone is getting along and sharing the space. The fact that Cosmo prefers that spot that Singer occupied? You know how I feel about that--as do you. ♥

Loving your new hair are so rockin' that!!! As ever it shows off your beautiful eyes (I'm loving that necklace too btw!). And your journal page?!? I love how you are playing and risking and being fearless with what you are doing...keep going!!! :)

beth said...

cosmo is one lucky little so lucky to be loved by you and david and all your other babies !!

whoa are totally rockin that hair cut...I love it and how lucky are you to have great hair to begin with...

and your art {journal page} amazing...that face WOW WOW WOW !

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Such a newsy post! Cosmo(s) is beautiful. Very sleek, nice lines, almost like an Egyptian cat. It is nice to fill that hole left behind.

angel said...

wow...lotsa news here. Adorable kittie, great piece of art, and I'm totally lovin' that new "do". So so cute and sassy!!

Jennifer said...

Love your hair cut! I'm contemplating some hair changes too!
Cosmos is sooooo sweet and looks so content to be at home with his new family. I can see he belongs with you! Christian (my little one) says he knows Cosmos, maybe thy met at another time in life :)

DMG said...

Oh, Queen of my Heart, "The play's the thing." The most divine state of being is that of being silly. Now, if only we were close enough to play together! This is the perfect post: lovely art, literature, and music. CSN (&Y) is still my very favorite band. Thank you for sharing the gesso/drawing tip. I have soem beautiful faces i wanted to use but not in the photgraphic state, so I'm going to experiment with your technique this weekend. And your new haircut is so chic and pretty on you. Hope you have a playful and beautiful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy!
Just before you wrote about your hair, I though "Wow, what a beautiful haircut!" Gorgeous! And what can I say about that new grandcat!!! He is absolutely gorgeous too! Most of all your beautiful spirit shines through all you share through this blog!
So fun to be on this journey with you.
Love you precious one.

Unknown said...

Hi there!
Your little Cosmos looks right at home! What a nice Halloween surprise! I just love your journal page..funny I'm seeing birds everywhere this week! I wonder what that means to me? I did two bird paintings and have seen them everywhere! I need to think about that...any ideas?? I'm glad things are going well for you...

Be well..
XO Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Cosmo has a new home and was so readily accepted by the other members of the family. And your hair is really cute!

arlene said...

LOVE the new do, and love, love the new addition to your family! What a sweet little guy. He's very blessed.
Your journal page is fantastic. It's a great way to "be"...knowing how to play. It affects everything, doesn't it?
Rock on! xo

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little Minou!!!
Will I have place left for me in that bed????
I can wait to see little Minou. You made me cry with that song. I wish that my life was as simply as that song.
Like usual you make beautiful stuff.
For you, especially you
Suzanne la Banane

Ana said...

Dear Kim,

Cosmo(s) seems like a starring personality, and I can see why you have named him so, as his spirit does resemble the stars.

Azzy reminds me a little of our eldest cat Goldy, when Rita the 3 year old first arrived. Goldy was also reluctant with her arrival, and has not got on at all with her since. He has a habit of clawing her everytime she approaches. Interestingly you can often find them sleeping together, within a very close proximity.

I am happy that Chica does get on well with Cosmo(s). Rita on the otherhand does get on very well with our next door neighbours dog, which is called Ozzy and looks a little bit like Ozzy Osbourne though his personality doesn't match.

I love the shot of all three Chica, Azzy and Cosmo(s) on the bed. :)

This is my first time to your blog, and I don't know how your hair used to be, but it is looking very beautiful and fitting now. I also recently cut my hair, and tis short like yours, except just a little longer at the front. Keep rocking with the new do! :)

I love your Art, in your latest journal page. It is truly inspirational and so very unique. It's very enjoyable when we let our innerselfs flow in the creative energy.

I am happy that you rediscovered to play fearlessly as that is one of the most natural gifts we have.

I am happy to have stopped by your blog. It is fun, and filled with light and love of you and your beautiful creations. I shall be returning.


(I found you over at Leah's blog - Creative Every Day)

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Cosmo is adorable! And it looks like Cosmo, Azzy, and Chica are getting along famously.

I think it is so interesting how both humans and animals mourn and grieve differently. My sister stayed with us for almost a year after she broke her leg badly in a car accident. When she finally became independent again and left, our "alpha cat" howled every night at 3 am for over a month because she was gone. They each definitely have their own personalities!

Anne said...

Oh! And I love your new do! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your new do is FABULOUS...

Glad your new boy is settling in
so nicely and the family is a happy
threesome again.



Anonymous said...

What an absolute little sweetheart this guy is...and he's found himself one good mama! I have promised myself some play this weekend...keeping my fingers crossed! Love the new do.

SE'LAH... said...

cosmos is cute.

your new hair cut rocks.

Anonymous said...

Did you sigh a big sigh when you knew they would all play nicely together?

I hope so...

LoLa said...

bee yoo tee ful cat! I've been thinking about getting adopting a couple of 16 week old cats from a friend of mine who is at a loss about what to do with these rescues especially since her own cat just had 8 kittens! She's overrun! But will they live with my two dogs? and how will they do with the doggie door? Will they run off? I just don't know. I haven't had cats since I was a kid. Still thinking on it.

I'm going to try your people technique in my journal. What a great idea. Thanks, Kim.

Genie Sea said...

What a richly delicious and satisfying post like a slice of fresh strawberry cheesecake! :)

Cosmo is gorgeous! Welcome to the new love in your family!

And you are truly rocking that do! :)

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
WOW! So much good stuff going on, CONGRATS on your new baby Cosmo. Our first pet was a black kitten we found in the bushes of our yard. She weighed only 5 ounces! Anyway he is super cute and handsome, I'm so happy for you! Your new haircut is awesome, too. Love your journal page and the bird-child.

Leslie said...

Congratulations on your new house mate. I like black cats too. I used to have one named BJ (no, that would be Black Jack). I heard that white dogs are much easier to adopt out than black ones too.

Like your new hair cut. It must be so easy to take care of. I could go for that.

Love your art too.

deb did it said...

Kim, this post is amazing. i have much to say, but fingers and mind are weary! but what i must declare is -I LOVE YOUR NEW SASSY DO!!

patti said...

Sheesh! It's taken me so long to post this comment - I keep getting interrupted!

Welcome Cosmo Kitty you're just gorgeous! Love the new do - very feminine, and I loved hearing about your creative process,as always.

lynne h said...

kim, cosmo is so beautiful... seeing him sit on the kitchen table makes me wonder if kitties come programmed this way. or maybe the azzys of the world are just very fast, efficient teachers, hee!

beautiful week to you, beautiful one!