Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Queen-sized Oops !

Yesterday when I wrote about how inspired I had been by the post on the 3X3X365 blog, I mistakenly referred to the part of the post that inspired my artwork and touched me so deeply as being written by Kathryn Schuth, when in fact it was written by Amy McCracken from Richmond, Virginia. Amy was the one who shared the wonderful bits of her love for her sister beautiful Petra.

As much as the gracious writers apparently enjoyed their role playing time, I wanted to take the opportunity to fix the reference.

I wrote a correction on yesterday’s post and also added a bit of a band-aid on my art-journal page ! It will serve as a good reminder to slow down a little when reading…



Thank you, Amy and Kathryn, for your understanding at my mix up!

And once again, thank you, Amy, for your inspiring post.


Kim said...

C'est la vie, Kimmy-poo! But a drop in the bucket of love!

Marit said...

Aahhh Kim... you even write your blogposts in a tempo I can hardly keep track with (ad big grin here) I LOVE to come here and read the ones I missed before though! Ha! It's always a pleasure to visit and soak up (is that the right words?) all your wisdom, happiness and honesty... you keep me honest and humble!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog header and your blog, Kim! Anything with hearts I'm a sucker for :)

Thanks for your visit!! Looking forward to visting you again soon.


Sueann said...

That is inspiring!!