Monday, January 3, 2011

A Return to Good Practices


bundled up queen – 12/31/10 pm


chairs in the snow 12/31/10 pm


ooohs & ahhhhs – 12/31/10 pm


married 10 years and still seeing fireworks – 12/31/10


heart bagel for breakfast – 01/01/11

Jan2011self portrait

first self-portrait of 2011 – 01/01/11


getting back to the walk – 01/02/11


looking for signs – 01/02/11


taking notice – 01/02/11


welcome home to my art journal – 01/02/11



a return to good practices

daily journal writing – 01/03/11



it is good to Be Artist Me again.




Happy New Year, Beautiful Ones.


Commuter's Journal said...

Happy New Year, oh Queen of the Rock Fairies! I am totally in awe of how much richer and deeper your art has grown. Here's to another year of creative expansion and artistic connection!

Anonymous said...

Love the stick running with balloons:)

Unknown said...

Happy 2011 to YOU.
Love this post.

I fight ♥ & Soul,too, btw.

deb did it said...

~FABULOUS~ You inspire me so.....can't wait for all that juicy, creative energy to rub off on me next week!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah!
Good stuff darlin!
Makes a mom's heart sing:):)
Love you my Kimmy!

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy New Year! You certainly are off to a great start in many avenues! Happy for you! Love your art!

jgr said...

Love your post! Glad you're starting this year with a bang!

Terri said...

I love your heart felt post! I adore your journal!!! Yea for you!

Kate Robertson said...

A wonderful post, a self portrait to start the new year. A great idea, I think I will have to do one too! Glad to see you have gotten back to your journal. I need some art time too!

Kim said...

Here's to getting back in the swing of things, especially healthy practices. I am having trouble getting over sleeping too much, oddly enough. Thanks for sharing the beautiful detail of this page.

Anonymous said...

Love love this face, and yours too! Keep those photo portraits coming! Happy New 2011 to you. xox Corrine

patti said...

Beautiful journal play! I have neglected mine over the holidays too. It always feels so good to come back to it again.

Enjoy your walks Kim (another thing I have skipped lately) Thanks for the inspiration!

EVA said...

Lovely start to the new year!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and creative 2011!

This year I want to more art journaling. I always so love your pages!

Dianne said...

You are the beautiful one... In this self portrait, the way your hair falls on your face... your face is a lovely heart...

beth said...

wow...your journaling ability is beyond fantastic !
and i love the chairs in the snow....that's such a wisconsin thing, too :)

i really hope you can teach me something next week....worse case....i'll just take photos of you journaling....that could work :)

Anonymous said...


I can feel this resolve thru the screen..

the journalling and the slowness..

Deb said...

Happy New Year, Happy Old Year ! Celebrating each day is my motto. Thank you for all of the support you always send my way ~ much appreciated. You'll never know how much it means. Take care !

P.S. ~ And you and I are going to have an artsy crafty day sometime soon ! YES!