Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walking off the Wonky…

Woke up wonky today.

Hate that !

Especially when I had been on such a streak of really, really good days.

But this morning, there was this heaviness.

This kind of sorrow thing in me.

I did wake up with a bad dream involving hurt kitty cats and panic attacks,

so that may be where some of it comes from.

PMS time of the month is here too, I think.

Anyway, whatever it is, I was WONKY.


I got the message to go and “walk it off” from a few places, right after I got up.

So I listened.

I got bundled up, covered the bed head with a hat, put Chica on her leash and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.

I was out there for about 35 minutes and left some rocks in some fun places.

I was a little less wonky when I got back.


Plus I had nice rosy cheeks.

Then I got the message to go and make art.

So I listened.


I did this piece in my art journal.

DSC01423 - Copy

About half way through the process of letting myself just play,

I saw a connection to a sweet post my friend Deb Kelley wrote on her blog, Nourish the Soul,  today.


The post was all about using the child-like wisdom within us to experience life

in the present moment.


While I read the post, and while I made the connection to it as I painted my wonkies away,

I realized I have gotten pretty damn good at using that wisdom for myself.

Not sure of the future…

Not wanting to repeat or relive moments from the past…

Live in the now.

Because this is the only one moment I know about for sure.

And as hard as it seems sometimes,

I have the choice on how wonky it will be.

Blessed with having learned this.

That’s what I am.


So while I am not my usual cheery, Queenly self, the wonkies have eased a lot.

Look at all that’s right, Kimbo.

Your kitty cat is curled up in the studio, safe and sound, and keeping you company as you listen to awesome tunes and paint your beautiful heart out.

Not bad for the first Tuesday of 2011.

Hope your Tuesday is wonky free, beautiful Ones.

Big Love !

One of the tunes that serenaded me as I played in the studio today. Beautiful…


Unknown said...

I so need a copy of this art journal piece you made today. I love it. Plus my Pixie doesn't play enough and she just asked me *today* to add "laugh and play more" to my 2011 wishes...which I did.

Anonymous said...

I love that your pixie has come out to play, and that wonkiness has gone for a while at least. Great pixie and I can see some scribbles there too! xox Corrine

Deb said...

You and I seem to be traveling in the same Universe lately. And I love the word wonky! Take care of your self.

Lynn Cohen said...

Am wonky free, pms done for life, and enjoying your amazing art, the colors, the sprites of delight that emerge from your paintbrush and pen. And your kitty.

Corinne Cunningham said...

I absolutely love your work :)
And today was/is a wonky day here too...

LuLu Kellogg said...

Here's to a wonky free rest of the day!!!


Unknown said...

I woke up wonky today too. Didn't listen to anybody but myself though and went back to bed for a couple of hours. I hate that. Maybe next time I'll listen harder.

Kate Robertson said...

This morning I woke wiht a tummy ache so I just stayed in bed a little longer. Had to treat myself to some extra TLC. Now I am in a cafe with my daughter writing. I've had a fun day. I am glad you broughjt your pixie out to play..You did a wonderful page. Have a happy Wednesday too!

jgr said...

I'm glad you found a 'cure' for the wonkies:
Walking Chica, leaving rocks and journal-time! YAY. p.s. You look good in the hat, too.

Priti Lisa said...

You've got the wonkies by the balls Kim...nothing gets you too far down! I love the journal page.
And the kitty. And you in the hat. That's the best thing about winter...hats to cover the bed head! XoX

Unknown said...

*huge hugs* I've been having a couple of "wonky" days myself. Hormones, some family issues, anxiety over things that need doing, etc. I'm trying to focus and SLOW DOWN but it's hard. I'm determined to make it work out, though. Thanks for the inspiration to keep working through it!

Sueann said...

I had a wonky day yesterday as well, Kim. Must have been in the air. Or the post holiday let down! Whatever...I created too!
Hugging you sweetie

Anonymous said...

Another day added to the bank of right living!!! Whatever the reason, right living changes the season:) You are one right inspiration to all, my lovely daughter. This in the moment stuff sure is good! I am so happy to be in it with you in this moment and always. I love you,

Didi said...

I love how you listen to yourself...it is hard to slow down and hear the good advice that WE are whispering to ourselves isnt it?

Marit said...

I wasn't wonky... and I didn't make an art journal page as beautiful as yours! (But I DID play - and it felt sooo good!) I wish you a wonky-free week!

Olivia said...

I am reading this a day late but it is just perfect for the day! I am super-wonky, dealing with some health issues related to my vision and a big maelstrom in my personal life. Thank you for the inspiration right-on-time, Kim. Love to you, O

gwyn said...

My year started out wonky too. It took a few days and then I realized it is because I don't know what is next for me. I am wide open to discover. That realization scared the wonkies away and brought in the pixies! Plus I have a secret. The whole wonky pixie ride inspired a new blog. Shhhhhh

Carmen said...

you are such a lovely person!
i don't know how to tell you what i think about you but yes you are indeed a very inspiring woman
(i read your silly post, love it, and will comment with my favorite quote)
blessings and lots of love in your heart FOREVER