Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharing the Joy Thursday–Get that Silly On !


Guess who was voted Squeen for the Day ?!!!?


Why yes, it was little old me !

On the first day of the fun and wacky Art Of Silliness 3 class, her Majesty, Carla Sonheim, the official Squeen of all things silly, named me “Squeen for the Day” in response to my silly play shared with all the Skingdom in our Flickr Group!


As I told the Squeen in my acceptance speech/email, I am so enjoying having a place to let my extreme silliness shine.

A lot of time, in this uptight world, silliness is viewed as a weakness, something to hide, something that causes embarrassment.


Well, I am not sure if it is my age, inherited silly wisdom from my family, or any other silly factors,

But I have somehow learned that silliness is to be prized !

I have learned to say “Poopoo !” to those who would avoid acting silly for fear of being embarrassed,

and just let my silly hang all out whenever possible !


Yes, I may look silly.

But guess what ? Silly is fun !

And it makes life joyous and sweet !

So as Squeen for the Day, I encourage all of you to go out and get that silly on !

You may not win a prize like I did, but it will sure make the day brighter !

Happy Thursday, Beautifully Silly Ones !


Meri said...

The gift of Just Plain Silliness is not universally bestowed. I'm so glad you got a huge dose of it. I need a lot of courage to let my Silly out to play, probably because I'm a first-born and a Virgo. Even my artist is a little Miss Proper.

SusieR said...

nothing beats an extra hand!

except, of course, a tiara... which i insist we wear for our next lunch meeting.

have a good day, oh silly one!

gwyn said...

Congratulations Squeen! I have never shied away from silliness, but I have not been actively perusing it recently. I think it is time! I am suddenly thinking of Monty Python and silly walks :-)

Deb said...

Screeching for joy ~ what an honor to be named 'Squeen for a Day' ! One of the things I loved about teaching was the fact that kids love silly! I find that the adults I now work with don't apprecaite my silly side. Guess that is their loss. Wear that tiara with pride !

Anonymous said...

Love that squeeny bling baby! Such flair and poise. Love that blue hand too. xox Corrine

Unknown said...

All Hail Her Majesty Our Beloved Squeen Of The Day! Let the Silliness begin. Silliness shouldn't be reserved for just the very young. It should be a treat for all, young and old and especially for those in between. If it feels good then by all means do it! Being silly does feel good. I save some of my silly for when I am with my teenage grandchildren. They are the ones that it mybad? hehehe

Noelle Clearwater said...

Oh I just LOVE SILLY! My mom and I used to do silly together really well, but she is gone now and I don't have enough fun people in my life to do silly with. I love this. Congratulations Squeen of the Day! I love the blue hand. Always a treat to come to your blog!

Sherry said...

All hail the Squeen!!! If anyone is the embassadress of silly and having fun and treating life as it's meant to be treated, it is you my dear!!! ♥

patti said...

Next time my kids accuse me of being silly, I'll tell them the Squeen ordered me to be that way!

Happy silly making!!

Marit said...

It does make the day brighter!!! I humbly bow for you today, oh my squeen...

Terri said...

Congratulations on your new title!
Your silly got all over me!... and I put my tiara on...I think I shall wear it the rest of the day!

Unknown said...

squeen for a day!!

celebrating the silliness...and resting my hand in your blue one


Kate Robertson said...

My Squeen, I bow at your feet...... I have no trouble being silly. If we ever get together we may have to send out a silly alert so the public can beware....

Happy Thursday you Squeenness.


jgr said...

Congrats on your new status! You are very gifted.

Carmen said...

silly is very good ;-)

“Silly is you in a natural state, and serious is something you have to do until you can get silly again.”
Mike Myers

(and he is Canadian like you are)

Unknown said...

Do you have room in your Kingdom of Silly for me? I was here earlier and wrote out a fairly lengthy comment then continued on my silly way without clicking on the publish button.

Congrats your Highness, from what I have observed it was a wise decision to dub you Squeen For The Day! LONG LIVE THE SQUEEN!

foxysue said...

A dose of the silly is what we all need at this time of the year, my dear!

Thank you your Royal Sillyness!

Love Sue x

Elena said...

It never fails. I see your smiling face and I break out into a huge grin. Your 'happy' is contagious. I love it! Keep spreading joy with your silliness dear Queen! Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog today. Hugs!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Silly is fun! I thank you for your Squeenly example. Come to think of it, I do not know whether I am often silly in public (though I do tend to sing softly while I am grocery shopping, and the oddest songs come into my head - like children's songs ;), but I am daily silly at home. I pity the pup who lives with me. ;-)

Happy New Year, dear Queen!

Sueann said...

All hail the Squeen!! Congrats!! You are looking marvelous!!
And I love being silly...warms my heart, it does!!