Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Atmosphere of Love…

So the lovely Carmen lives at the opposite side and end of the country from me, in California.

I am not sure how we met in Blogland – perhaps One World One Heart ?

All I know is that I consider this beautiful, imaginative life-lover of a woman a friend.

So when she ordered some Rock My World Rocks from the Etsy shop, I added in some extra bits of Queen of Arts love into her package.

And in return, my friend Carmen treated me to an abundance of sweet gifties all put together with such care that I was completely blown away !



Lovely wishes…


some even carefully wrapped in ribbon and pins…


Stuff gathered by the sea, so different from what I can gather here in New England…


And Carmen’s own handmade goodies :


a sweet mermaid pendant (love it !!!) and a perfectly pink bracelet !


Extra bits and bobs to add to collages – so fun  and all packages with an artistic hand ! Love the birdie and all the great tape!


A ton of lovely inspiration…


and even a beautiful place to keep it all stored…


Many of the treasures have already joined the good stuff on my altar in the studio…


and the inspiration has already started filling me up and spilling into my own art…

My friend Carmen created an atmosphere of Love in one big juicy envelope !

How can I help but thrive with such gifts ?

She sure knows how to Share the Joy !!!

Thank you, My Friend.


I would also like to thank all my friends who sent me such currents of love, prayer and calm last week when I was facing my wisdom teeth extraction and also a lot of fears that welled up from the past.

I ended up going to the appointment in a Zen-like, acceptance mode that was remarkable for me ! I even shared rocks with all the staff there, including Doctor Abel, who took the rock “patience” from my bag.  How funny and appropriate!

There was one moment when I lost it just a bit as we were getting started. The Doc said “Take a deep breath.” and when I did, I closed my eyes, and asked for help from all those who were sending me Love to carry me through.

I felt it. I felt the wave of Love come in and say, “You are okay. You are not alone.”

It was a miracle that I will never forget.

Thank you for our connections and for the Love you put out there for me to receive when I needed it.

Thank you for the joy.


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Sherry said...

I'm glad that the tooth experience went so well...and that you could feel the love and the support as you took that deep breath. Connection with others is never so strongly felt as when we deeply need it!! xo

And your friend Carmen gifted you royally -- as befits the Queen. As soon as I saw that mermaid pendant I thought--Kim will have put that on immediately!!

Isn't it juicy delicious to be so loved??? ♥

Olivia said...

What a wonderful story of how you mader it through...I am so happy for you My Queen! And I love the gift that Carmen sent you that arrived at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing the joy this Thursday! xoO

rebecca said...

i adore the sweet carmen too!
and you? oh so easy to LOVE!


Cindy said...

Kim. I am sorry I was not around much last week, goodness I am glad you made it through your dentist appointment. What a wonderful friend Carmen sounds like. And what a treasure box you got to open. I love packages like that that are one surprise after another. Have so much fun with all those items. sending you love your way. and a great big hug.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What a lovely bundle of joy to find in the mail! And I'm thrilled to hear your blog voice again. I am happy healing took place and that zen took you over during the hardest part.

Unknown said...

How WONDERFUL!! This post brings me so much hope and happiness on a day when I am feeling very blue and discombobulated. Thank you *so* much for this!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

yes, yes, yes! you are so easy to love!!!

your rocks are divine! and they made me happy
and i am so glad i made you happy, too
i sent you an email but i also want to say it here:
your posts are wonderful you touch base with a lot of your sharing
and the generosity of every link you offer here is very informative in a lot of ways
i reccomend your archives, i can see the humbleness, simplicity of your life, your husband support, your pets, your fears and how you conquered them
your joys, your family, it is supercool to see all of these and how we all can relate to you and feel connected A LOT!
please like i said stay yourself and keep growing and sharing with us
bless your heart Senora Kim!!!!
adelante my amiga! pare atras solo para coger impulso
keep going forward and backwards only to take more impulse
i hope i translate this good ;-)
muchos abrazos amiga mia

p.s. did i say that feather is from a cockatiel?

Meri said...

Kim of much wisdom, with or without the teeth to prove it: glad you experienced the miracle of love and care! And Carmen is a treasure -- I've played an art exchange that she organized -- so sweet and giving. When I read her post with the rock pics, I thought immediately, "That looks like Kim's doing," and as I read on I found out I was correct. Love the mermaid pendant she did for you. I once found mermaid Christmas ornaments in a store in my little seaside town and sent her a present just because I knew it would bring her joy. Isn't it nice when blog friends touch our hearts?

rachel awes said...

i love how
your rock love
is loving you back

jgr said...

Yay! I'm so glad it all went well! Glad you could feel the good 'vibes' from all your blogging buddies. Your package is wonderful, too!

patti said...

What goes around, comes around! In this case love and lots of it!

Not surprised at all that you were zen at the dentist.

They are beautiful goodies from Carmen esp the mermaid pendant!

Marit said...

Ohmy - you were spoiled my dear! And you totaly deserve it!!!! The seaside-stuff looks like what I find on the Dutch beach...
Your art journal page is such a happy and loving one, I can feel the warmth coming through the computer!

Kate Robertson said...

What a wonderful bunch of goodies, Carmen rocks. I am g lad everything went well and you could feel the love from all of us. Blessings to you my friend.

Terri said...

I am so glad to hear you are through your surgery and healing! Yay!
Your goodies are fantastic. What a dear soul your friend is.

Dawn Elliott said...

Ah, the dentist!!! How wonderful to feel all your friends soothing you during your trauma. I hope it all went smoothly for you.

The gifts from Carmen were so sweet...what would our lives be like without our dear friends who lavish us with love and kindness?

gma said...

Carmen is a dear friend of mine too. She is an amazing mermaid.
Love her!
Yay for all the goodies she sent you!

Jess said...

How very kind and generous of her! You deserve it Kim, those treats look lovely.xx

Elena said...

What a truly special gift - creative and fun!

Nadeja said...

When you give, you receive 10 fold back...something of this nature has been said...What a beautiful confirmation of your giving Kimmy. My heart filled with thankfulness as I read all the comments on this blog. The gifts of words!! Beautiful expressions of love!
Thank you for your sharing heart and sharing your art! Carmen is an amazing person. Makes a mom's heart happy! I love you, Mom