Thursday, June 9, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–A fine mingling…


I will admit that sharing the joy and staying in a place of joy this morning is a struggle.

That is because somebody really pissed me off.

They treated David and me with disrespect and rudeness.



That is the struggle when you really, truly believe that LOVE is the answer.

What do you do when someone pisses you off really badly ?

Love still has to apply, right ?

If I am going to stick to core beliefs, which I want to.

So I am working on making my own mingling of letting go and holding on as fine as I can this morning.

For that is the Art of Living.


In that vein, here are a few simple joys that filled me up with Love…

- arriving home after an evening with a girlfriend to find that my hubby had re-attached our twinkle lights over the bed totally of his own volition. Love him so very much.

- celebrating my friend Lois’s birthday with her yesterday with chatter, laughter, yummy supper and dessert and of course, candles and wishes !

- art journal pages that just flow out of me – like the one above that came together this morning as I worked through some anger.

It went from this :


to this :


in about 35 minutes. Love it when that happens !

- and finally for today, my joy resides in my friendships and connections with my blogging friends. Please know how much I appreciate your hearts !

(There. That ought to zap the anger out a little more, right ?Winking smile)

Have a joyous Thursday, Beautiful Ones.


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Susie Riley said...

I truly believe that - if you believe love is the answer here - this doesn't need to be about sending OUT the love, but having enough love for yourself to know how bad it would be to 'own' their negativity. And you are owning it if you let it make you angry. Love yourself enough to shake it off. THAT is where love is the answer today. Go enjoy that, sweetie! Sending big, wet, smushy kisses on wings... xoxos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful page, fantastic way to move through the anger, I applaud your heart big time!!! You go girl!!! xox Corrine

Dawn said...

Your page is beautiful Kim and it says "Joy" to me, so I think you succeeded. I have had a bunch of stuff thrown at me in the past while and I realize it is a decision: Do I let it control me, or do I turn the disappointment, hurt and grief into something valuable and meaningful. It is a struggle, but Love Remains, and we have to hold on tight to that sometimes.
HeRe ... BiG HuGs & LoVe To KiM!

tami said...

what a beautiful page - and great way to move thru the anger - it is like waves I think - we just need to be aware of the waves and let them wash thru us and not let them tumble us around. : )

Janet said...

It's a beautiful page!

Letting go of anger can be difficult but if you hold on to it you're the only person being hurt by it. That other person has moved on. They may not even be aware of what they've done. You have a beautiful heart and spirit. Don't let someone take that away from you.

Cindy said...

Oh your page is just beautiful!! You definitely worked through your anger well!!! And look how quickly you did! I love the colors, they just look so happy.

Hugs XX

Lynn Cohen said...

I do bet you feel better already!
Your art making shows it; and what a wonderful therapy for getting rid of those angry hurt feelings you don't need or deserve!!!!
Hugs from those who love you!!!
(which includes me! ;-)))))
Keep the good vibes flowing... it just takes that (as it's no longer in that other persons mind; only we hurt when we keep the thoughts in ours!) GONE!!!

Cheri said...

It is a beautiful page Kim and I'm adding that quote to my collection. Who knows, it might appear in one of my art journal pages one day!

Sherry said...

the beauty lies in the fact that you acknowledge your anger and your frustration; but you know that love is more important than that and you gravitate back to that -- you release into the journal and you discover and remind yourself of the things that truly matter in life. xoxox

Sherry said...

the beauty lies in the fact that you acknowledge your anger and your frustration; but you know that love is more important than that and you gravitate back to that -- you release into the journal and you discover and remind yourself of the things that truly matter in life. xoxox

beth said...

your beauty just lights up the blogging know that right ?

Marit said...

I hope the anger melted and peace came instead.... wishing you a day filled with JOY dearest!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

i smiled with the twinkle lights that is absolutely lovely for you two and so it is your 35 minutes journal page ;-)
and don't worry too much about those pupuheads who disrespect you they are not worthy of your time i know it hurts but you are better much better than them
in fact give them your loveliness and then they have to change or at least acknowledge the fact of your heart somehow
sometimes i confess someone seems to be mean to me or disrespectful but i want to think that they didn't mean it or they are probably worry about who knows what and they take it on me and i hope it stops there but you may need to let them know if they are too much or keep doing what is bugging
hugs my dear queen

Unknown said...

That page is AMAZING! Wow. When I saw it, I made a little "peep!" sort of sound.

I can so relate to your feelings of anger and frustration. I'm feeling some of that, too. I'm not so good at being infinitely loving, so I try and imagine my anger as a dark storm cloud, and I imagine/meditate myself zipping up ABOVE it, into the blue sky and clear air above. The storm goes on, it crackles and thunders and does its thing until it's all stormed out, but the rest of me hovers above, quietly, waiting until I can alight back on the ground again.

(the twinkle lights made me SO happy- I need new ones, the solar ones in my little garden out front are done and I miss them so much!)

patti said...

Love the way you transmuted your anger Kim! Not something you want to hold in your heart..

Twinkle lights above your bed must be wonderful!

lyle baxter said...

kim, you are better than whoever tried to aggravate you. if they cant make you show your annoyance they cant win. just let it go -breeze on by!your artwork shows what wonderful things you can do!

Dawn said...

i hope all these comments help it dissipate a little more and more. all i know, is i will be forever grateful to have your shining, pure heart in my corner

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What can I say but, "oh dear" and I think I may know where that anger ought to have been directed. But good on you for allowing it to flow through you. I am soooo looking forward to our upcoming visit!

Cindy said...

Kim, let go of the anger, your too loving for it. saddened that someone would hurt my friend. love your journal pages and your way of working through it. have a great weekend. hugs.

Mary said...

it's hard not to hurt back...i am learning that when someone acts that way toward me it may be coming from a place of pain or hurt...though it doesn't sting any less, but it helps me not hold onto the anger.

isn't it great to have our journals to work through the crap of lives...this is a wonderful page Kim!


Anonymous said...

I love to see the process,, just beautiful,, your use of color is amazing and i so wish I had this imagination, I would like to follow your blog,,

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, I can't tell you how appropriate it is that I find myself here reading this post right now. I was just coming to say hi to you when I got a call from someone who shot my mood directly to hell with their utter rudeness and complete disrespect of me. And this is someone who I've done my best to help out this past week, mind you. I cannot believe the ugliness some people are capable of. And, yes, it's really difficult to stay in a place of joy when you're faced with this sort of thing. But..."Life is like that, so why not relax" and "Who can stop us from celebrating?" (smile). Hugs!

Fallingladies said...

I hope this doesn't sound as If I have all my crap together as I'm really a mess.... but what I do to forgive people's ugliness is remind myself that everyone is doing their best, everyone has their own struggles that I might not be aware off and if they end up doing poorly then it's because they don't have the knowledge or skills to handle their own life without taking it out on others. This helps me to know, but again... I'm a mess and still get mad for my share as well.
That said...
Love your journals pages! they're truly beautiful and powerful!

WrightStuff said...

Sounds like you well and truly managed to let loose that anger - just look at that beautiful result. What pretty colours you use, just what I need to see on such a cold rainy day :)


michelle ward said...

your honesty,
your truth,
your struggle to take the high road,
your page that reveals the depth of your love,
even when anger tried to penetrate.
i see you.