Thursday, June 30, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday : It’s Summer, Ready or Not !

So it is Summer !

That is glorious.

Especially for us winter-haters.

The season of all things hot, blooming, green, holiday, flowery, fun…

The celebration season, right ?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful it is here


somehow this year,

summer arrived way before I was in the groove and has just been doing it’s thing without me.

Usually I would have had the grill out and been using it every night.

I would have my back deck arranged with some annuals in pretty pots, some herbs in containers, and maybe even some plants that I had grown from seed flourishing in the almost July sun.

Instead, because of life and a variety of circumstances,

the deck is completely empty.

The table isn’t even up yet.

And this week, for some reason, I am feeling like this poor, poor Gerber daisy


that was destined for one of those pretty pots on the back deck , but instead sits wilted and miserable in poor soil in a plastic pot in the dining room.

So where is the joy, you may ask ?

Well, this morning, I took a little stroll through my backyard with the camera and got kind of blown away…

Here were the abundant joys of summer happening without any of my influence,

presenting themselves for my “in JOY meant”

when I finally took the time to look around for them !


A riot of clematis blooming in the morning light.


Elephant ear hostas, already with flower buds


and leaves the size of serving plates !


Even roses that didn’t get the protection they deserved last winter, still decided to put on their summer show with no help from me.

And the display that touched me the most,

this precious blue hydrangea.


I have planted blue hydrangeas before, and though their tags told me they were the blue variety, they would always bloom white like this one :


Gardener friends told me I needed to add more acid to the soil. Or was is ph ?

Whatever, I never did anything, and just accepted that my blue hydrangeas were now white ones.

But this blue plant is special.

I planted it in memory of my neighbor Katherine, who died in 2008.

I called Katherine My Lady of the the Blue Hydrangea because of the gorgeous bushes she had at her house next door, and whose blooms she generously shared with me from time to time.

Katherine’s husband, Stephen, sold the house and moved away last fall and I really miss their presence next door.

But when I saw this hydrangea bush that is planted bloom BLUE this week,

I was filled with a bittersweet joy of how life, love and light just keep going on…


So it is summer, Kimbo, ready or not.

I think we will have to forget about the getting ready stuff, and just meet it right where we are…

and perhaps remember that there really is no wrong way to do that.

Wishing you a joyous Summer day, Beautiful Ones !


and go visit Meri for some more joy !


Unknown said...

how wonderful! I'm in a funk- rainy season is upon us and it's hitting me hard. I lost a few plants to the rain already. But now I'm inspired to go and look at what is flourishing *because* of the rain, what summer is doing on its own, without me. Thank you for the spark!!

Sherry said...

Oh yes my friend, it all happens whether we participate or not, whether we are ready or not, and do you know something? I think that the things that happen without our input or our plans are sometimes even BETTER, because we appreciate them so much more.

Some days I feel exactly like your wee wilted daisy in that plastic pot and then when I get out and about and soak up what is around me I realize I'm blooming again.

As for your blue hydrangea...I love that it's blue and I love that it's in honour of your neighbour.

Life's our choice to find that joy. You always do ♥

Marit said...

I have a blue hydrangea in my little garden, and it just started to bloom! I know all the 'tips' to keep it blue (rusty nails in the soil etc.) and did it all for years... not anymore now, and it keeps on blooming BLUE! We share the joy we have from blue hydrangea's today - I will think of you when I meet her/him in the garden.

gma said...

Looks like lots of joy at your house. Especially love the blue hydrangea!

Cindy said...

Kim, your flowers look beautiful...both my clematis did not come up this year. I think our winter was too harsh and also my miniature roses did not come up either....Yes summer is here. my back yard looks like an overgrown jungle and I am not supposed to do any gardening until fall. I have been telling myself sit back relax and see how over run it gets. lol. Whats a gal to do. I hope you get out of this funk your in, just go with the flow, hope you enjoy your long weekend. hugs to you and understanding.

Unknown said...

I am so happy that you found JOY in the wonder all around you. Sorry that things are getting you down...this happens.

What a magical story about your beautiful blue hydrangea!

Olivia said...

My Queen, so much of life happens before we are ready, and YES, the joy is always there. I am just now learning this, really accepting this. Good for you for discovering this today, what gorgeous flowers! I am wishing life-giving waters of nurturance sent your way, so that Her Majesty is back to feeling perkier and less droopy. Lots of love, xoO

jgr said...

I love that story about your blue hydrangea!! I'm wishing you a Summer of more joyful discoveries and bright days of sun and sea breeze. I think your post is a good analogy for life: Ready or not here it is-to be embraced and enjoyed . . . before it's gone. Big hugs & love to you my dear!

Meri said...

So amazing that the lone blue hydrangea is in honor of Katherine. Wow! And that poor pathetic gerbera daisy. . . well, we just need to perk you up if you're that bedraggled. Maybe some hibiscus tea.

patti said...

Ah summer...I can't wait for it to return! Beautiful flowers Kim and the hydrangea is very special - one of my favorite plants, even the white ones!

Anonymous said...

If that garden photo walk doesn't perk you up, don't know what will. xox Corrine

Lynn Cohen said...

Beauty full blooms...that deep blue flower is heavenly.

Cheryl said...

How lucky you are to have such a wide variety of colour and size. I love blue hydrangeas and hosta.

Priti Lisa said...

You know what, Kim? I feel the same way...and everything is blooming ahead of schedule...and I have so many projects around the house that are saved for warmer weather...
It was the most glorious day here and I spent most of it inside painting walls...
Life is fantastically ironic and queer...♥♥♥

Noelle Clearwater said...

Ah, Kim dear. I see what you mean by loss and finding joy despite it. But you always find some spot of hope and beauty in all things. That is part of who you are. It is in your very soul, down deep. Thank you for sharing this beauty and these feelings of loss and hope as well. Beauty is truly the outcome.

Margaret Pangert said...

Life is so determined, isn't it? Beautiful examples of life popping out all over! And that is the JOY! Makes me happy! Love!

Sueann said...

Yes! We went from winter to summer almost overnight! Took a while to adjust!! Ha!
But I am loving the hot days! Yummy!!
Love your flower shots...beautiful!

tami said...

unexplained mysteries always bring my joy : ) the blue hydrangea as a reminder of your neighbor - sweet, sweet joy. My garden is growing with neglect this year also - Love yours!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful about the blue hydrangea. God bless Katherine. That was a beautiful and touching post you did about her when she died. I know what you mean...I remember when we were growing up, my brother and I, we knew everyone on the entire block here and even around the corner, both ways. Now that's all changes so much. In such a short time. And yet now we have beautiful friendships all across the globe, thanks to the internet and blogging, so I guess it's all good! LOL.

I have been asking this summer to stop moving so fast for me because I've waited so long for it to get here, and I don't want to miss it! Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July weekend, my dear!! xoxo

Elena said...

Really needed to read this post. Thanks! And what a wonderful gift from the Universe in the form of the blue hydrangea proving that no matter the preparations, precautions, we's beauty will find us nonetheless.