Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple Woman’s Day Book–Monday, June 27, 2011


Outside my window
...a most beautiful summer day has finally appeared. Sunny, dry , light breeze and a high of 82 today ! Awesome !

I am thinking…that today would be a lovely beach day but I will be sticking closer to home, playing the Rock Fairy for some big orders.

DSC02350 (2)







I am thankful for...all the hard work that David and I have put in to the apartment upstairs that is for rent. (David especially !) It is looking so beautiful and ready for a great tenant to come and share our house with us !

From the kitchen...with all the painting, cleaning, and so on, there ain’t much cooking in the kitchen. David had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some carrots, and a couple of bananas in his lunch today !

I am leggings, a lilac tank top and my favorite studio shirt ! Ready for painting action !


I am creating...some more Rock love to go out into the world….

I am buckle down and get to work right after this post. I need to stay off this computer as much as possible today !

I am reading...”The Red Garden” by Alice Hoffman. I am actually listening to it, read by Nancy Travis. I borrowed the audio version of it from my local library to have for one week on my Ipod. How awesome is technology ?

I am hoping…that just the right tenants find our cozy apartment as soon as possible.

I am praying for…a dear friend and her Mom who suffered a stroke. Much light and love to my friend and her family.

I am hearing...the hum of the laptop, birds chirping outside, and in the distance, the flow of the little city I live in.

Around the house...dust kangaroos hang out under chairs, dog snoozes, one cat chases a fly that flew in from the door propped open in the living room, the other watches him play. The bed is made, and the sun and air are streaming into the bedroom. Cozy place, I live in.

One of my favorite the flower boxes I planted (the only gardening I have done this year !) are filling out so beautifully.


A few plans for the rest of the week: Meditation Monday tonight (I need that today !!!), a Tuesday Artsy time at my friend Patti’s poolside paradise, a follow up appointment on Thurs. with the oral surgeon as my tongue is still partially numb as a result of my wisdom teeth coming out (it is improving every day though !) and hopefully, finding the perfect renters for us ! (Can you tell that this is on my mind a little ! Winking smile)

Here is a picture I am sharing


Taking time to smell the flowers…

Now off to the rock painting ! Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

Beautiful flowers (seriously!), beautiful words, beautiful you. Wishing you a blessed, lovely and productive day!! ♥

Marit said...

I sat in my garden today, overlooking the 'non'-work I did this year... temperatures are tropical and I wish I'd planted some flowers in Spring (but my budget couldn't handle...) I might plant just a few soon, seeing your photos, I miss having some extra colours in the garden! I keep my fingers crossed that someone rents the place soon!

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL flower boxes- so lush! Sending you much love and also sending out a message to the universe to connect you and the right tenants ASAP! And I hope your tongue gets better very soon (does that mean you can't taste?! Oh, the horror of that idea!!) <3 <3

Lynn Cohen said...

Love the shirt with the hands on the boobs!! Too funny!!!!!!!And your expression, perfect!
enjoy summer.
Heal quickly
and the perfect tenant is coming to you NOW!

patti said...

All sounds beautiful! (except for the numb tongue!)

I love Alice Hoffman and have not yet read the Red Garden. Will chase it up!

The right tenant will come to you, I can feel it!!

SE'LAH... said...

happy painting, rock fairy.

Kim, I must say - you have the most beautiful eyes (and the kindest heart).

sending you BIG love.
Love, Se'lah.

Priti Lisa said...

I am thinking: How good you look in glasses! I love these Monday posts, Kim☺

Cindy said...

Kim, I smile every time I see you in that shirt. It is so much fun. Prayers to your friends Mom, sorry about your toungue, and your window boxes are beautiful. Thank you for your well wishes and kind comment you left me. you are a real sweetheart.

Dianne said...

Hi beautiful! Happy rock painting!

Rosie said...

I find your blog so uplifting Kim and it's always a pleasure to touch base with you (virtually, anyway!) LOVE your photos - you look so happy - especially in the studio shirt!!!
Your flower boxes are so pretty - I bet you smile every time you look at them, 'cos I would!
Fingers crossed for happy, lovely renters who will fit you perfectly...
Loved your Friday Haiku too, and I do hope you have a go at the zipper pouches - they are so impressive!! 'o)

Kate Robertson said...

I love it when you do this format. Great hearing what you are doing on a given day.

Have a happy art time.

jgr said...

I'm sure you will find renters soon! It sounds like a wonderful cozy apartment. Also I love your flowers!! Happy Summer to you my friend!

Karin Bartimole said...

beautiful colors in your flower box Kim - shining out at us like you do yourself!! loved reading through all your simple day moments and thoughts. hoping you and david bring in the best of the best in renters - respectful and friendly tenants that become pals, too :) and healing thoughts go out to your friend and her mom.
happy creating and many hugs!
xoxox karin

Carmen said...

i love the very last picture

Elena said...

LOVE this post! And your shirt! May you get the best tenant ever!

henrysmom said...

my Kim! If only I could clone myself! I'd rent your apartment in half of a heartbeat!
sending you heliotrope and rosie pinks!
XOX Linda