Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing the Color Back…

DSC03383 - Copy

I woke up feeling unlike my usual colorful self.

I even had some company in my “paint it black” mood.

DSC03421 - Copy

A big, noisy black crow cawing away outside the studio window.

DSC03425 - Copy

It took me a minute or two to figure out what he was cawing at…

DSC03426 - Copy

Little Black Boo was hanging in the window, having a staring contest with the big black bird.

Or perhaps the Crow had a message for me.

That’s the significance of the Crow paying you a visit, you know.

Maybe the message was get out of your black mood by turning to what you love and to the color in your world.

That’s how I interpreted it, anyway.

Here’s what I did :

DSC03434 - Copy

I took a few minutes to be creative and packaged up Lisa’s Creative Sistahs Swap Sketchbook for Jennifer. It was the first time I had gluey fingers in a few weeks !

Then I packaged up some Rock My World orders to bring to the post office today.

I also filled my new Rock Fairy pouch that I bought on my sweet outing with my friend the Bodhi Chicklet a few weeks ago.

DSC03437 - Copy

It came from a store called Ten Thousand Villages in Pointe Claire, Quebec. They sell free trade items and help international artisans make money from their artwork.

DSC03439 - Copy

This beautiful embroidered pouch was only $5.00 and is perfect to keep a supply of rocks in my purse for anytime use !

This afternoon, I am headed to my friend Patti’s poolside paradise for some girl friend time.

That is sure to bring my color back, right ?

DSC03383 - Copy

This song was playing in my head all morning after the visit from Messenger Crow.

I love this version.

I hope you have a colorful Tuesday, Beautiful Ones!

Big Love !


LuLu Kellogg said...

I LOVE this photo of your beautiful self!!

Swim on Girlie!

rachel awes said...

i just met someone w/a crow tattoo!
& i always love your rocks!
& youuuuuuuu! xox

lynne h said...

i've been having some dark days myself, dear one... they are not easy. i am Trusting that it's what's needed to facilitate the change i feel happening within me and all around...

i love what you did today...


Julie Prichard said...

I have a feeling your color will be back in no time. :)


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Those rocks sure are colorful! I hope you find your own color (and not a tomatoe-y one after sitting poolside) soon. Love the little bag!

Carmen said...

a very busy tuesday but yes colorful yay for that!
and for you too!
hugs my dear and a quick visit here to keep me going ;-)

Anonymous said...

Perfect pool day, hope you came home in the pink****** xox Corrine

beth said...

YOU? colorless ? NEVER !!!
at least not in my world of how i picture you :)

Woodland Rose said...

Love that you keep a supply of rocks on hand for anytime use!!! I would love to purchase a pouch full and next time someone asks for an aspirin give them a rock instead. It may be a little more cumbersome, however it can be used and passed on. Your creativity rocks!

Elena said...

Beautiful envelope, bag, and the sun will always shine upon you dearest Queen. It just can't help it. Love the rocks!

Kelly said...

I also love this version of Blackbird. Actually, there probably isn't a version I don't like. I just love that song. Wishing you colour!

Kate Robertson said...

Love that little pouch. Crow is such a great messenger, it looks like you took her gift to heart. I love seeing all those lovely rocks. Oh and the mail art package is awesome. Lots of love and color in this post. Have a fabulous day sweetie.


Unknown said...

<3 <3 I get grackles outside my window- now every time I see them, I am going to think of what you said "get out of your black mood by turning to what you love and to the color in your world". Thank you!!

Marit said...

Black birds and blackbirds are both beautiful, but Hooray for colours! I wish you a colourful week dear!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim, please help. I've downloaded Live Writer and now I can't seem to access my blog at all. Even after uninstalling, it seems to have hijacked something and I've been trying all morning to get it back to working, and nothing. I've googled everything I can think of and can't find a solution. Do you, by any chance, know how I can fix this?

Jess said...

Kim, you do it every time for me :) This is one of my favourite songs!! Pebbles are another of my most favourite things. I like to draw on them sometimes and leave them for people to find on the beach. I also love your purple top in your coloured picture! A great post. :)xx

Anonymous said...

I am back to leave a proper comment. This morning I didn't get to read through your post and was anxious over my technical problem. Thanks for your help!

Now lucky you, to have a visit from Crow! I consider this very fortunate (I adore crows, such wise creatures). I like your interpretation of crow's visit and how you took it to heart and got right on it. That package is utterly juicy-looking! Beautiful pouch, too. Perfect for a rock fairy to carry her magickal rocks in. And I love shops like that, that help people across the globe make a living by giving them a place to sell their handcrafted wares through. Glad you had a very colorful day! After that iffy start, mine turned out to be quite colorful, as well. XO

rebecca said...

my darling friend,
you colour my world....
even the crow outside my morning window are suddenly blueblack and gleaming into the light of love.


Sherry said...

How did I miss this post??? More beauty from you and I love that you chose Sarah's song to accompany this post!! That bag/pouch you bought when out with Kim2 is gorgeous!!!!!!