Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What blooming ?


This is my piece for my Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook project for the month of June.

I was lucky enough to contribute something for the gorgeous book that Lisa from Priti Studio created.

I was inspired by what is going on in my very own garden this month.

My piece didn’t do it justice at all but look at this :


Isn’t she magnificent ?


I think that this Seashell Peony is the most beautiful flower in my whole garden.

Those soft pink petals with the frayed edges…

and that center with a riot of chaotic pistels in bright yellow…


and that mysterious bit of red, deep down in the heart of the flower…


So beautiful.

So June is Peony Month for me.

And a celebration of this beautiful bloom…


What blooms are you celebrating, Beautiful Ones ?

Big Love to you !


Elena said...

What an awesome journal page and amazing peony. Thank you for sharing your view of the garden.

Sherry said...

Oh I beg to differ...I think you did that sea shell peony HUGE justice...I love your peony!! And I love the real one. I adore peonies but have none in my garden. Every year we say we'll plant them and then we don't. My in-laws have peonies in their garden which are just getting ready to open...the house will be on the market in a few weeks (maybe we need to dig some up!!!).

Right now my garden is all about, so many of them and I adore those! Have a beautiful peony kind of day my lovely -- the kind where you open up right to the beautiful you always do ♥

EVA said...


Lucky Lisa!!

Is it too late to add one of your rocks (like "bloom") into your page? That would make it even more you!

Gorgeous page, Kim. I have lots of peonies (yet to bloom) but I've never seen a seashell one. Beautiful!

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely art!!!! I love your paper clouds and your use of print under the face!!! Looks so cool.
And that flower is exquisite. Thanks for the close well photographed! Beauty-FULL!!!!

Unknown said...

SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!! (The art AND the flower that inspired it!) *swoons some more*

(My latest inspiration from the garden? The unusual dwarf sunflowers! I can't get enough!)

Kate Robertson said...

My peonies are nowhere near blooming yet. We have rain all week. Maybe next week. Peonies are one of those flowers from my childhood. I love it that I have been able to grow my own. They are so beautiful. Love the page you did for the journal too. It is so pleasing to see.Also love the purple hair on your girl.


Olivia said...

What a beautiful peony, indeed! And beautiful artwork, of course. I always get ideas from seeing what you do My Queen. Wondering if you'd ever teach a class :)

Anyway, what am I celebrating? New starts, acceptance, finding joy in small things--YAY! xoO

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

super macro shot!
my garden is full of oranges and lemons

Janet said...

I think I'm in love with that peony! Your photos of it are gorgeous. And your journal page looks great.

Mary said...

that is one beautiful delicate flower. does it have a fragrance like other peonies do?? and i see you have lovely fragrant pinks blooming too.

Kim, your journal page is lovely too!


heather noye said...

beautiful!!! :) both the sketchbook page and the photographs

Paula said...

Oh, Kim, I LOVE your peony! Do you know I bought myself a bunch of them last night at Trader Joe's? Every time I pass through my kitchen, I stop to inhale them...magic!

Elizabeth Halt said...

I've been seeing peonies at the market and loving their gorgeousness! I thought I would buy myself a bunch this weekend. (Except they're always closed so I had no idea what their insides looked like - doubly gorgeous!)

Unknown said...

That just makes me happy :)

(I love the rock too)

Anonymous said...

I love peonies! And that is one lovely specimen you have there. Your piece for the sketchbook is absolutely gorgeous, as well!! I love the text effect. I have been saving tons of old pages from books, and even pages from my old journals, to use for this very purpose.

elena nuez said...

such a great post!!!
I loove this collage a lot!
and I love those bgorgeous pictures too!

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Spain,

Marit said...

The page as well as the peony are fabulous! Aaaahhh... if only I had the time to 'smell the flowers'... soon, soon...

rebecca said...


as are you dear one. as are you.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I LOOOOVE the close up of the peony (what are those called again - I think it begins with the letter "P"). And I left a "bloom" rock at my sister's beside when I was recently visiting her and she hasn't noticed yet! I can't wait until she sees it and thunks her forehead. Your rocks not only rock, they change lives. kisses

Kathy said...

Beautiful page Kim.. and the photos of the peony are amazing... have a loverly weekend!!