Thursday, June 23, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday - Dave-Kat Love !

                Today’s Share the Joy Thursday is brought to you by Uncle Dave and Niece Katie,

and the number 3 !

(‘cause that’s how old the kooky kid pulling the mustache hair just like I taught her is ! Winking smile)










They kind of love each other.

And there is a whole load of joy in that !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

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Janet said...

She is such a little cutie!! You can just tell how much fun they're having by the smiles on both their faces.

Meri said...

She's adorable -- and I'm sure Dave loves having his mustache hair tugged on. You're an instigator! (Why am I not surprised?) Love ya, Kim!

Noelle Clearwater said...

Very sweet, Kim. She is beautiful and it looks like Dave is having a great time with her. I always wonder why little ones like to go upside down. Something about an altered state of consciousness or seeing the world differently. At any rate, lots of joy there!

jgr said...

They are adorable together!!

deb did it said...

Kim..this post is bursting with JOY!! I love ya Happy Lady!

Dawn Elliott said...

How sweet is that? They seem to have a special bond - very cute post!

Sherry said...

These two are what JOY is all about!! Love the photographs...that little miss is growing up much too quickly!!! xo

gma said...

It is true joy!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Joy, indeed! Thanks for sharing those lovely pics!

Priti Lisa said...

You know I am a huge fan of kooky Katie! She is happiness and joy tied together with a smile! ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Every child needs to learn those sort of things :)

Elena said...

LOVE THIS POST! The joy and love just ooze through the beautiful photos. See! This is further proof of our being evolved beings in physical form. Hee hee!

Nadeja said...

These pictures tell a most beautiful, loving story. Thank you for sharing them. Love you all so very much, mom