Monday, May 28, 2012

Rock Fairy Flight


Yep, the Rock Fairy is off her rocker this week !

(Some people may say that I am off my rocker most days !Winking smile)

I am leaving behind the cozy front porch

and the nice tree lined views from the back deck,


as well as my newly planted little bit of color



to head way up north to Montreal.

It will be a whirlwind trip but I will get to hug and have a little time

with some very important peeps in my world.

I will have to focus on quality and not quantity, as so often happens when I head up there to visit. So many people I love and so little time !

That’s okay though. They are all so very worth it !

Plus I get to smooch on the newest member of my gang of peeps,

my friend Andrea’s baby son, Anderson who was born on May11th !

From the pictures I have seen on Facebook, I am in for a real baby-lovers treat !!!!

Be back Thursday to share the joy.

Have a great week, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

Safe travels oh winged-one...spread the love..and remember to soak up some of that love for yourself!! xoxo

Elena said...

Go forth and spread that love Queen! Have a safe and wonderful time!

Olivia said...

Have a wonderful time, My Queen, and enjoy those you love, xoO

Janet said...

Enjoy your trip and all the hugs and baby snuggles.

beth said...

have the best and safest trip sweet friend....and ohhhh, i love me some new baby loving, so take lots of photos...even more then you normally would !!
love ya

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Thanks for the coffee and conversation this morning, Kimmypoo! Looking forward to seeing you (and hopefully Dave) cottage side soon! And look in my space for a few new rock sightings now that my personal stock is stocked!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy!!!! I know you will. xox

Spadoman said...

Have a great trip!