Monday, May 7, 2012

Try Something Tuesday : Go, Man, Go !

Things to Try:
Lie down in tall grass. Sink in and forget where you are. Then forget your name. Gather gifts from the natural world and let the stones you collect in your pockets start to pull your pants down. Write a love letter to your best friend on a big leaf.
Find a glorious spot. Sit there and breathe.”

—Sark, Eat Mangos Naked



Have you ever eaten a really ripe mango,

peeled it with a knife and eaten it with abandon,

letting the juice run down your chin, down your hand, your arms…

and savored the treat that is that delicious orange on the inside fruit ?






Well, whatcha waiting for ?


I’m calling it Try Something Tuesday.

Get thee a mango, or some other something, and TRY IT !

Big love to you, Beautiful Brave Ones !


Sherry said...

It will be sticky!!!!! lol!!! But I don't mind a little is all about hot messes...and cool messes like juice dribbling down your arms!!!! Ready, set...GO!

beth said...

that's kind of how i always feel when i eat an orange...stickiness all over.....but oh so good :)

try something tuesday.....hmmmm.....well i'm trying a new healthy diet and ate rice cakes with almond butter for the first time....does that count ??


Anonymous said...

Love Mangos!!!!! One day I will try to eat them naked:) Not today though...must be off to work, Love he picture and that Doggie who helped you choose your winners!!!!
Everyday brings miracles! See them! Some of them seem small...
I love you,

Sueann said...

Oh I love eating a ripe mango...nothing better.

Fallingladies said...

This reminds me of a poem my mother used to love... I think it was by langston hughes called "reflections on the gift of a watermelon pickle". I may have to google that or call and ask her as it was, or rather, is, i believe, her favorite. It's all about eatting with joy and abandon and appreciating the gift, but i haven't heard it in over 20 years.