Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today’s Post is brought to you by the Letter B !

So did anyone notice that I did a “Try Something Tuesday” post on Monday ?

My always very observant hubby did.

I only realized it at around 7:00pm when he mentioned it to me.

We had a good laugh about that !

I had gone the whole day without noticing !!!

I am such a weirdo sometimes !


I have to say that though I was encouraging all of you to try something new yesterday, I was also struggling with staying away from an icky place.

Savoring my mango for breakfast was one of the steps I was taking to Be in the present moment and get the f**k out of my head!

It helped a bit but what worked way better was

my  unexpected “Be” Day with Colleen !


My beautiful bestie dressed in blue and I walked to the babbling brook in the woods behind her house.

The sky was the same blue as Colleen’s t-shirt!


We sat on a big boulder and blabbed a bit as the bugs buzzed and the brook bubbled.


Then we walked on and were given a beautiful gift !

Behold ! A big fat beaver walking across a log bridge over the brook !!!

(The beaver walking by was so breathtaking that neither one of us stopped to get a photo,

but you can image him walking on that horizontal log in this pic taken after he was gone.)


We giggled and shared our bountiful excitement, giving one another a big bear hug right there in the woods !

Then as we ended our walk, we were blessed with this baby !


There, on the dirt road, a brand new butterfly !


I had to move in a bit to get this amazing portrait of this bold and beautiful being!

A Tiger Swallowtail basking in the sun on this brand new day.


Colleen and I noticed all the “B”s that were popping into our day.

We decided to keep it going by heading the the “Brick House” for lunch,

a local greasy spoon, drive-up place, famous for its burgers.

We decided to be BAD !

Colleen had a burger, I had 2 burpers (hotdogs) and we shared some yummy fries !

A big old hug in the Brick House parking lot ended out time together and I have to say,

my “Be” Day  with my Colleen-y pretty much banished the ickies from my brain !

Love you, Girl Friend !



Oh, ya.

Taking time to make art is another way that I try and banish the ickies!

Here’s what’s been popping up lately…


A 6X6” canvas, paint and collage bits.


I was just trying to let whatever wanted to come spill out.

Not sure it is finished or if I like it, though I do like the expression in my butterfly queen.


This bit of writing in actually a piece of my Dad’s handwriting.

I found a whole bunch of his journal pages in a box in the basement last weekend.

This was all that was written on a sheet of loose leaf paper.

I cut it up and glued it here.

Feels powerful somehow…

“The story continues.”


A page in my Strathmore Visual Journal book.


I asked the Universe to give me a day without self-criticism and self-inflicted hurt.


The Angel said “It’s all yours, Baby !”

I’m gonna take it !!!




Phew, that was a long post !

Well, if you are still with me,

I am sending out big waves of love and light today,

and working on giving myself plenty of the same !

Happy TUESDAY, Beautiful Ones !

Winking smile


Sherry said...

Honey, I noticed that you were talking about Tuesday on Monday but I just assumed you were preparing us ahead of time for what we could do on Tuesday! ;) xoxo

Sherry said...

Be and "b" and a reminder of Sesame Street and being brought to you by the Letter "B" and then those goofy puppets would sing "Letter B" to the "Let It Be" sound track...great memories of my time when my little guys were truly "littles".

I love the vessel in the hand of the butterfly queen -- my eye just went straight to that...the doodle work on it stands out so much.

I more than love that you included some of your father's hand written journal work and the words speak volumes.

Here is to banishing "icky days". We know they come, we do what we can with them -- what you chose to do with your icky was just the right thing to do!! Love you!! xo

Olivia said...

I thought the same as Sherry, My Queen. I love especially how you used your father's writing in your work. In general I really love words with art and this is an incredibly special way to save and celebrate his writing, even perhaps a random (or not so random) note. Blessings and beautiful being, xoO

Anonymous said...

Happy Tuesday Kim,

I come to visit, like I sometimes do to see your artwork and imagination at work.

Today your dad's writing caught my eye in a pleasant way in your Blog.

I soo recall spending rainy days at the cottage with him and reading his scrapbooks filled with parallels of poetry, artwork and music. He was always reluctant to have others share in his art. I miss him yet he jumped alive with those words you published.

There is no doubt that you are your daddy's girl Kim.

Love you,


jgr said...

Yes, I noticed the Tuesday on Monday but I read it last night so I just thought you were being one-step-ahead. I really enjoyed your 'B' day adventures with Colleen, you make me hungry, too!! Love your Dad's handwriting!

rebecca said...

oh my...where have i been? happy 700! and as always you are a blast of perfect love!

Kate Robertson said...

I thought the same as Sherry. Loved today's post too. Wish I had been there with the two of you. It seemed lovely.

beth said...

what a Beautiful B day you Both had. if only i, Beth had Been there to Be silly with. But i think i would have gotten the photo with the Beaver cause i'm Bitchin like that :)
love you sweet Beautiful Babe !!!

Unknown said...

<3 <3 <3 I'm too zapped to leave a clever comment so instead I am sending you lots of love :)

Anonymous said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw your father's writing! I remember those letters!! Thank you for being beautiful baby of mine!!! You are the Best!!! love you precious one. Mom

lynne h said...

i thought it *was* tuesday! and today is gee, i don't know, a different day...

you are Be-autiful, dear Big Heart...


foxysue said...

Due to your 'doing something different', I had a mango yogurt shake instead of my usual tea in town yesterday, thanks it was delicious.

Rave on beautiful one. x

Sueann said...

Having some of your fathers' journals is so special. I think it is wonderful to have put them in your \piece.
Continue being and stay out of your head. '
Hugging you

Marit said...

Happy Wednesday (already) Beloved Blogfriend!

michelle ward said...

You are Brimming...you motivate me to plan an adventure to get out of my routine. Bravo girls!

Rosemary Aubut said...
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Rosemary Aubut said...

Great work I love your blog!

Fallingladies said...

Been enjoying your Bountiful and Beeming conments on my Blog! And will Be checking out all of yours as they always make my day Better, Beautiful Butterfly ....and happy to hear your B day cheered you up, Bye Bye for now...