Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Spring Weekend


Busy weekends sometimes mean no time for hair primping.

That’s when a good hat can be a Queen’s best friend !

Like this great one I ordered for myself recently from a fundraiser that Kal Baretski ([i] love life blog) did for the Live Out Loud Adoption Project. Cute hat, great artist, a word that so works for me on it,  and giving some $$ to a great family and a great cause.

A win win win, right ?

And it means that I can be lazy once in awhile, and cover up bed head, instead of having to blow dry every day!

My fun and busy weekend started on Friday.

I was lucky enough to head over to Ink About It in Westford, MA for a class with my friends Patti and Colleen.

It was a workshop on how to use Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates ! Fun and messy ! My kind of art !

6in x 6in Gel Printing Plate

We had lots of fun with our great teacher, Ursula Smith, slapping paint around, and creating some great background papers with this fun tool !

These are some of the awesome pieces of paper that came home with me. Yummy stuff for the journal !


My favorite technique was the one using stencils and the Gelli plate. It also gave me an excuse to buy a few more new stencils from Crafter’s Workshop that I had been coveting !


I really enjoyed the class. I think my favorite piece was actually my scrap paper used to roll excess paint off of my brayer and the stamps. How cool is this ?


Saturday was spent mostly outside in the back yard. Poop patrol, picking up branches and ball throwing for the sweet pooch filled a lot of the day !


Plus the customary, and so very lovely Saturday afternoon nap with my Honey.

Sunday was unexpectedly beautiful here in NH.

They were calling for rain but it was a sunny, warm day instead.

What could we do but pack up the beach chairs, a bucket for some rocks, stop by and pick up Colleen and head to the beach for the afternoon?


North Beach in Hampton was pretty quiet.

It was Mother’s Day after all and I guess that’s where the people were.

Perfect for the three us !

While walking along the surf, Colleen and I saw quiet a few of these little butterflies struggling in the sand and water.

Strange !

Colleen rescued a couple of them, picking them up and bringing them to the dry, warm rocks to sit in sun and dry out.




I think I am going to have to start calling her “The Butterfly Whisperer.” Winking smile

All in all, a super nice weekend.

The week ahead is a busy one.

Lots of rock orders to fill, house cleaning and getting ready for my Mom’s visit on Friday., and I am feeling itchy with a few creative ideas in my head that need to be put into action.

And of course, I also want to remember to take the time to enjoy the sweetness of Spring time whenever possible.


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

I hope your week is filled with sweets !


Sherry said...

Your weekend was filled with beauty and time spent with those who fill you with love. Colleen is very special indeed to have butterflies stay on her hands...special soul communication I think!

I love that blotting paper you came up with while doing your workshop -- some art just happens even when we aren't paying attention!!

Enjoy your week sunshiny one in the "Love" hat!!! xo

Amanda St.Clair said...

Gotta love messy! Have a beautiful day!

Lynn Cohen said...

What fun paint splashings!
Know you will turn them into even more awesome art!

Did I tell you your package arrived? I was laying in my hammock reading when DH brought it out to me. Opening it there and finding all those kitties was such fun. And the rocks, well, they simply ROCK! Thank you so much for pulling my name in your gift giving give away! I will post if I may these goodies on my blog soon.
I see you thought "Henry V" while packaging mine! ;-)

bacon said...

Ooooh I love that ink printing!

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I love your new hat! Your Gelli class sounds like total FUN, too. Have a great week dear Queen.

Sueann said...

Ink printing...what fun! Love the papers you created.
And that perfect!!
Have a great day

beth said...

LOL....i remember often loving the paper under my artwork or new techniques better than my artwork !!

and you my sweets, look SO fantastic in a hat !!.....and i love that one so much !!


Priti Lisa said...

Sounds perfect...
but to be honest, I would feel a little (lots) overwhelmed by the week ahead. I cannot image my mom staying with me.
You, my friend, are the most giving of souls, love you:)

Olivia said...

What a great weekend, My Queen! I felt as though I were there as well, in a way, by reading it. So much love, beauty, fun, life--all wrapped up in a weekend. I hope your week is just as beautiful, xoO

Anonymous said...

Lovin your experiments with Gelli, now I know I gotta get me one of these. I am sure you journal will evolve with your use of this goody. Sweet Chica, sweet sand and surf. xox

Kate Robertson said...

A butterfly whisperer that sounds so lovely. Love all that you shared. I too often love my scrap paper. I like to make copies of it and use it as a starting point for other art. That way it keeps on giving.

Sandra said...

Sos igualita a mi ex consuegra, jaja!

kathleen codyrachel said...

I just ordered gelli plates and am very excited about them - I know where the shop is in Westford though I've never gone- I'm up in Wolfeboro NH with the heat on enjoying the cold & rain while the love of my life is in 99* weather in TX
I love what you did with your stencils!!!