Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting ducks and rocks in a row…

Little Happy and I are enjoying the first week back to a normal routine around here.


I am trying stay present (my word of the year for 2013)

and at the same time, get my ducks in a rowWinking smile,


by getting back into the practice of going for walks, doing meditation, and making plans with friends.

All of  which really help my mental and physical well being in the hard winter months.

I am so happy that my creative energy is still high.

I have been happily stitching up little bag homes for my Rock Beings, using my own hand dyed wool bits and a lovely rainbow of embroidery floss.

Like the rocks, the wool seems to let me know what design it wants.

I am so loving process and the end results !


Some of the Rock Beings



and their sweet little stitched homes


are now available in my Etsy shop

in case you fall in love like I have,

and want some Rock Being magic of your own.

I hope your own start to 2013 is gentle and easy, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


Sherry said...

You knew I'm sure that one of your rock beings would find it's way to my home, in it's little home...I knew exactly which one as soon as I saw it. woo hee, lucky me!!!

I love Happy's dreads...maybe that's what I need for my head to help me beat the winter blahs...some brightly coloured bits dangling from my head!!

Here is to beating the winter blahs and to increased creativity!! xoxox

A'n'G Johnson said...

Your rock beings are fabulous! Makes me wish I had some extra cash to spend! Meanwhile, I will just soak in your creativity through the photos. Stunning and creative ideas!

Anonymous said...

Rock magic indeed. Keep connecting with your tribe I know they uplift you all the time. xox

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I am always inspired when you are inspired. You light an art fire in my soul, my fellow Kimster. I like your word (I have chosen "let go" and/or "letting go") and that you seem to be taking good care of yourself during these particularly hard months. This morning the light was this strange pink hue and last night coming home from work I could feel the light lasting for a few more minutes. I read a story on CBC about a big celebration way up north where they welcomed back the light this week - the village actually could see a thin strip of sunlight on their horizon. I don't know how they do it...

Sueann said...

I love your rock beings and the bags are a perfect accompaniment to them.
And I received my "word" rock with porcelain box and I love it! It lifts my word to a much higher level of importance. Thanks so much!

bacon said...

Oh, my, I HAVE fallen in love with your rock beings! And will be visiting your etsy shop, again, sometime soon. :)
So happy your creative energy is soaring high. Hugs!

jgr said...

Those rock beings are great, and the little bags ar SO pretty and unique. Happy Winter to you!

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