Thursday, January 17, 2013

Share the Joy–New Landscapes…

From this week’s Joy List…

I won’t lie to you.

My joy list has not been the focus this week very much at all.

Oh, I am trying,

and yes, there are things that made me smile and feel joy

in the midst of a really bad week mood wise.

I am, as always, so grateful for them.

And for this task, every Thursday, of making a joy list,

and realizing

that even when Life seems pretty damn sucky,

there are always moments of joy to savor…

1. My Art – I played with these rusted papers I made last summer all day yesterday.

It would seem that I am creating a book of some kind.


Using Faber Castell pens, a Sakura white paint pen with an extra fine tip,  and Twinkling H2O’s,

I have been discovering all kinds of new landscapes and creatures


in the rusty markings on watercolor paper.


Being with my creative spirit and just letting whatever wants to come emerge

is a kind of peaceful joy that I have so appreciated this week.



2. Friends, furry and otherwise -

When I get stuck in these depressed moods for awhile,

I tend to hide out from my friends.

I feel so ick that I cannot imagine submitting good friends to this version of me I dislike so much.

But sometimes, when I get brave or maybe desperate,

I reach out and call for help.


The understanding of a good friend, or the hug from my patient and loving husband,

or the purr or snuggle of a fur baby,

are all a beautiful source of joy in the midst of dark days.

I hope you find lots of joy to celebrate today, Beautiful Ones !



There is more joy appreciation at  Meri’s Musings every Thursday.


Sueann said...

Beautiful work hun!!! Stunning
Hang in there...I send you love and kisses.
Turn all your lights on during the day....that is what I do and put on good movies and/or listen to up beat music.
Gentle hugs

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

This body of work is very tribal, and that sings to my heart, friend. The days are starting to get noticeably longer - even if by a few minutes. The tide is turning....

nacherluver said...

Sorry you've been feeling down. Glad you're heading up! The ebb and flow of life at work for sure. I'm loving the artwork you created! The richness of the paper really shows through and I'm loving the images it inspired. I'm glad it's Thursday so your joy list ritual had a chance to wrap its arms around you and hold you in sweet moments of joy.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog as well. You have extended the joy feeling.


bacon said...

I am so in love with your bird! He has such a joyful spirit. Just like you. Even when the darkness comes, oh how I, too, know that darkness, your spirit still shines joy into your artwork. As it did into the fabulous little birdie. Wishing you a brighter week than this past one. Big hug!

beth said...

thank you for reminding all of us that we do have things to be grateful for, how easy it is to forget those things, and to reconnect with ourselves to give praise where praise is needed.


Unknown said...

Great pieces! and blog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, I feel like Kadinsky and the Aborignal cave art have combined in you somehow to create a new form. You are truly on a marvelous path. xox

Olivia said...

My Queen, thank you for reaching out with what joy you have to share. It is hard for me also to reach out when I feel as though I am not in the best place joy-wise. I sometimes feel though that the time alone helps me to find my way back to the place I know I belong and who I really am. I hope that this happens for you, and in the meantime, your art as always is beautiful and inspires joy in me, always. Blessings and love, xoO

Sherry said...

I love the honesty in your sharing, that sometimes, finding the joy is not easy. I love that you know even when you appreciate joy that sometimes it hides and it requires energy to find it. I love that you know to immerse yourself in being creative and letting the muse do what it needs to do. I agree with Kim -- there is something tribal about this art -- there is a deeper message coming through you. I love that you know when you are best keeping to yourself and that you also know when the time comes to reach out.

Mostly I just love you xoxox

patti said...

Beautiful and inspiring art as always Kim! Thanks for sharing yourself here xx

eb said...

very nice bird
with wings

Nadeja said...

You are an amazing daughter! Your work is amazing both in art and in living! You are strong, creative, beautiful and endowed with a powerfully beautiful and kind heart. So much more I could say... Keep coming out cause when you do, you bring such a great blessing to the world. I surround you with love. Mom xoxoxoxoxox

eb said...

your Bird Lady
my Mom comes to me
on the wings
and songs of birds...

a bird might perch
to alight
and fly
her breath
in between...

xox - eb.