Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sharing the joy is a gift !

From this week’s Joy List :

1. Cold Play in concert at Mohegan Sun last Saturday with my Baby !




The band was awesome and in great form for our evening together in CT.

2. David and I bundling up to go to the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Hampton, NH, only to come home without having seen said fireworks when there was an hour and a half delay that we were way too cold to wait through in spite of bundling up.


3. My friend Suzanne is here and we are cooking up some eucalyptus bundles !


Such fun !


And the opening is always such a sweet surprise !


My indoor clothesline. Not as wonderful as hanging pieces by the fire like at e.b.’s but my sunny studio worked in a pinch.

Hearts abound – looks like early Valentine’s day pieces !


3. Having chosen my Word of the Year!

Drum roll…..




Word of the Year for 2013





As in be present,

live life in the present tense,

and I am present.

I also love that the word has the second meaning of “a gift”.

Being present is a gift for me. It offers me comfort when I get overwhelmed with crazy life, and brings me back to what is the only thing we know for sure.

This present moment…



I made myself a little rock with my word.

It is actually a special rock given to me by my sister Kristina. It came in a bag with a few friends that had a note in it that read “Some rocks from the Rockies for the Rock Fairy” ! Love that !!! She thought about her crazy rock collecting sister when she was on her trip to Alberta last fall and brought home some rocks for me, and gave them to me as part of my Christmas gift ! May sound weird, but I think this was my very favorite gift this Christmas. Thanks, Sister !


I have the rock in one of my little Word of The Year boxes as well.

They are still available in my etsy shop if you would like a rock and a box for yourself.


So far, the joy has been easy to find in this new 2013 year.

May it continue that way for all of us !

Big Love, Beautiful Ones !



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Sherry said...

YOU are a PRESENT!!! The best kind of gift! I love the word you've chosen because it is so perfectly YOU!!!

And what a lovely gift from your from the Rockies...was there squealing when you opened the gift?? hee!

You've found much joy in this past week and I love the work that you and Suzanne are doing -- how you are immersing Suzanne in the art of eucalyptus bundles. I would so love to learn how to do this!!

Sending you joy & love in the present!!! xoxox

Jess said...

A lovely start to the year Kim! Jess xx

jgr said...

Hi Kim, I can see your New Year is off to a great start, in spirt of missing the fireworks-I love that pic btw. I'm wishing you and David and your furry kids all the best in 2013.

Meri said...

I love your word (though I don't think I'd choose it myself) -- you are a present, you know -- and I love that you guys left before the fireworks. . . it's hard to be present when your feet and hands and nose are so frozen, they feel absent.

Olivia said...

My Queen,

Your live an amazing life! What a great start for you, and PRESENT will be an exciting word to have. Such beauty, such joy, wishing you a lovely year to reign present, xoO

Anonymous said...

You are creatively present always, life is a joy for you most of the time, and even when it's not you find a way to make it so. xox

beth said...

you have been a present to ME {by being present} so many times and for that i will always be grateful !!!


EVA said...

LOL! That is the word I chose for this year as well though for very different reasons.

I love that it is both a noun and a verb. While both definitions you mentioned are murmuring to me - the verb is commanding my attention and issuing challenges. PRESENT my ideas, papers, art etc... in what forms and to whom and where... It is a great word with much to think about and I will watch with much interest to see how it shapes this year (SHAPE was a runner-up...)

I love your boxes (and ROCKS of course!) and may just have to get one for myself as a "present! ;)

Best wishes to you both for a healthy, happy, prosperous and creative 2013.

Sueann said...

Much love to you sweetie and Happy New Year.

Stephanie said...

You have such great creativity. I wish had thought of the rock and box idea many years ago. What a beautiful collection that would be.

Priti Lisa said...

You know what? When I was putting out my teensy tree this year I put 2 of your rocks under it...'you are a gift' and 'live in the present' because I thought it was so clever, gift/present. I love your word of the year...just perfect. You are so wonderful, I am lucky to call you friend♥xo

Kate Robertson said...

What a perfect word for you. ALthough it seems like you live in the present all the time. Perhaps your word will give many gifts. I still have no word, maybe because I am sick and can't concentrate on it. Oh well it will come when its ready.