Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Blah Banishing Ideas…


I am feeling very much like Sally right now !

My skin kind of hurts whenever I get cold.

I don’t feel like going anywhere even though the extreme cold snap has broken and the temps are up to just below freezing.


I am in hibernating mode,

which is okay, except for my body, which feels like a big old sleeping bear body,

and except for how my mood gets kind of blah…

okay, not kind of,

it gets really blah…


Luckily, my creative juices are still flowing though.

I have been bringing Rock Beings to life in the afternoons,

watching old episodes of silly TV shows like Felicity on my iPad,

sipping warm decaf Chai tea with low fat milk and a teaspoon of maple syrup,


and venturing into the landscapes of new worlds,


and meeting and connecting with new Beings in my imagination…


  and every once in a while, I crank some tunes and do some chair/studio boogying with my Chica dog…

Yesterday we shook our tail feathers to some Stevie Ray Vaughn.

“She’s my pride and joy!”  ;-)


A little dancing and singing helps with the blahs.

As does this brilliant idea from Tammy at Daisy Yellow.

I started working on a list of 21 Kindnesses that I can show to others, just like Tammy has been inspire to do.

My winter hibernating brain forgot that being kind to others is a sure cure for the blahs.

My heart always beats to this mantra, no matter the season :

Love is the answer to every question.

Now I just have to get the rest of me back on board !

Maybe you want to join in some blah- banishing, kindness spreading ?


Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !

I hope the blahs are banished in your neck if the woods.


PS : The Rock Beings above will be in the Etsy shop as soon as I stitch some homes for them and get them ready for their photo shoot !


Sherry said...

I LOVE how you are working at beating the blahs!! I LOVE Sally -- I echo her sentiments!! And I LOVE ME some Stevie Ray...gonna go put that on now and do a little jivin'!!! Keep creating!! love you! xo

Michelle said...

Ooo ooo ooo, my hand is raised!! I want...need those two lady rocks! Can I reserve them before you get them on etsy?!?! Pretty please with sugar on top!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh those January blues and blahs. It has warmed up a bit here too, although it is damp and there is freezing rain in the forecast. My feet have been cold since October. I need to banish some blahs, my frozen feet are dragging and my body here the call of the couch...

jgr said...

Love the rock beings! and the way you banish winter blahs. Please give an ear scratch to the lovely Chica for me.

patti said...

Yes, love will keep you warm Kim! My blahs are from working too much lately...I need to get back to my self! I'm loving your rock beings, they are amazing!

Fallingladies said...

Oh, i have to abmit, i watched felicity when it was first on, dawson's creek too. Now you know my guilty secret!?.. Instead of winter blah's i actually enjoy the hibernating.... Dark and cold is the perfect excuse to sit and vegetate with the ipad, book or sketchbook! I don't have to feel guilty about not getting outside.

eb said...

Blah Banisher
you do good
way good

xox - eb.

beth said...

i was sooooo good with 36 hours of rain which melted all of our snow on this 55 degree plus day.....


the weatherman cometh and is calling for 6-9 inches of snow tomorrow with highs on thursday and friday of only TEN !!!

snow=a pain in my ass
sorry, but i just had to say it and it made me laugh so that's a good thing, right :)


Julie Prichard said...

Gorgeous pallet on your beings!

Sueann said...

I fight the "blahs" tooth and nail. Lights...I turn all the lights on in the house! Ha!
Intriguing TV shows...good cup of coffee and altering photos! There..,much better now.
Love your rock beings...colorful!

Cindy said...

Hi Kim, I love your rocks. I know exactly how you are feeling. I think of you every year at this time knowing how we both don't enjoy it. How am I beating the blahs, being creative too, can't wait till I can get back carving my rocks. I sure love yours that you do. I will have to visit you on Etsy. hugs to you.

deb did it said...

Oh Kim....with those Rock Beings all around you...surrounded by such creative MoJo...definitely Blah Busters for sure! I love the direction your work is going...AMAZING! Kim...YOU ROCK!!

Unknown said...

your painted stones are fantastic!
some days, that's the only thing I can manage is a stone or two .... and that is quite enough thank you very much!!!

lynne h said...

hey! wow! how did i miss these rock beings?!! they are marvelous my dear Big Heart...


Terri said...

I enjoyed your honest and positive post! Banishing the blahs is such a daily opportunity!
I am loving your rock art....beings....FABulous!

Unknown said...

those rocks are CRAZYbeautiful!! WOW!

Michelle said...

Hi Kim,
I just wanted to share this with you. I was on vacation when my rocks arrived. I love them!!! Here is where one of them is living. the other is a gift I am waiting to give.


Thanks again!

Catharina Maria said...

I love what your have made from your stones !
love from the netherlands ♥RINI♥