Saturday, August 16, 2014

A sweet Gathering…

I got my brave on and contacted some Digh-Hard friends from my area of Florida and asked them to meet up for lunch today.

I made some gifts to tell them how excited I was to have them close by.



I drove off this morning, heading from Apollo Beach to Pass-a-grille,

looking at these…


But by the time I got to the beautiful strip of land jutting into the Gulf of Mexico,


The clouds were a little less ominous.


And just perfect for an afternoon of hanging out.


A delicious lunch at Sea Critters and a glass of Sangria

were the icing on the cake of a sweet gathering.

Lynne, Maria, Frankie and I felt like new friends who had known each other for a long time.

Doesn’t make sense but that’s how it felt.

Really comfortable and fun !

We had the waitress take this pic wishing Patti a happy birthday today!

She is the one who brought us all together !


A visit to a local gallery,


and some key lime pie on the upper deck of the Brass Monkey

kept us sheltered from the spitting rain

and let us have some more girl talk.

Being Brave makes for some pretty pictures!


Even our feet look good together when we posed for this “Looking Down” prompt shot for August Break!

Thanks, Ladies, for my sweet welcome to Florida outing.

The first of many sweet gatherings, I hope !




Hosted by Susannah Conway


Nadeja said...

Great pictures Kim. Love the feet! and Wow those clouds are crazy! You are amazing! Glad you have new friends to play with :). Thank you and Happy Birthday Patti D. for enriching my daughter's life with these special connections. Happy weekend to all. Love you my Kimmy. xoxo Mom

Cindy said...

Hi Kim, glad you are meeting new people, you are such a wonderful spirit. you look awesome and I love the feet.

Anonymous said...

Here's to new friend in the rain!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet gifts and cute sandal shot. Cake is yum...xox