Monday, August 4, 2014

Orange Art

Orange Art Vignette

orange art5

(Eucalyptus and sari silk dyed fine cotton knit tryptic, sari silk rope, Rock my World rock, orange felt square and Monarch butterfly remains.)


Orange Art Vignette Detail

orange art

I once asked a dear artist /mentor/friend who had the same impulses as me to create these carefully placed vignettes of color, shape and texture

whether what we were doing

could be considered


She decided that it definitely was, especially when it was photographed.

I agree.

Carefully placing bits of beauty together in a puzzle-like process until they just click in my eye, mind, soul.

Art making at its most simple, and infinitely satisfying.

Especially when captured through my lens.


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

Get your Art on !



hosted by Susannah Conway.


Kate Robertson said...

The orange in this pops right out to me and the whole piece evokes emotion. I'd say that is art

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the colors as resonate so deeply with me. I love that you call this art. Thank you for sharing this process and healing, artful color ♡

deb did it said...

ART of course !! ~ Happy August my Sweet Sunshiny Friend ! ~

Anonymous said...


orange moon

over water...

(feels like a warm hug)


Anonymous said...

Who cares what it's called, as long as it make YOU feel good. That only thing that matters is that you feel good and that you share your good feelings with others is just the whipped cream on top!!
LOvinG that OraNgE

Anonymous said...

Well you know I love orange and teal colors, so this is right up my alley. Lovely visuals. xox

Laura said...

Love these colors! Please do share with I Heart Macro… these are close up details and they count in my book:-)

patti said...

Delicious Art Kim!