Friday, August 8, 2014

Morning Selfie


I took this self first thing in the morning.

I usually reach for my phone first thing.

I check the time,

check how many emails I have,

and then who the emails are from.

One email today was from Susannah

reminding me that today’s August Break prompt was


I don’t quite know why but the pictures I take of myself are always the pictures I love best.

Maybe it is a trust thing.

All I know is that the me I see in selfies

is the me I see


This is me.

Morning Kimbo,

with spiky bedhead, sun-kissed skin, and

shiny brown eyes,

filled with love.

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones.



Hosted by Susannah Conway


Snap said...

Hi there, beautiful!

Jennifer said...

So much love. Happy morning to you, gorgeous!

nacherluver said...


Elena said...

Oh I love Morning Kimbo!

beth said...

hello gorgeous!!!