Thursday, August 21, 2014

She’s a real Treasure !

I am getting things ready for my lovely niece Jessica’s visit.

She arrives late, late, late tomorrow night.

She will be the first visitor to use our mostly completed guest room.


I like to have a special altar-ish place in the guest room.

I have included a basket of goodies, tea, shampoo, bath things

and I also like to place a carefully thought out bowl of treasures for my guest to enjoy.

As I wandered the house picking up little bits from here and there,

I looked down at the little plate I was using and this face just kind of appeared.


I will admit to placing things just a little, but those two eyes (the glass feet of the plate ), the coral lips and nose, and that pink cheek just fell into place themselves !

I’m calling her “Treasure”, which is the prompt today for the August Break challenge.


Here, I played a little bit with Pixlr Express editing.

Ain’t she sweet ?

This is the little plate filled with some pretty things and sweet messages

that my darling girl will see when she gets here!


Let’s be on the look out for more treasures today, beautiful Ones !

Big love to you !



Hosted by Susannah Conway


Anonymous said...

wow, please invite me to stay in your guest room, lol
I love the treasure bowl, fantastic!!
As usual, you are a delight to visit, even if it is just virtually.

Priti Lisa said...

what a little piece of paradise!
you and Florida are a perfect marriage ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

So perfect your little plate. And those sweet rock messages. xox

Anonymous said...

the guest room looks inviting...don't you love how faces seem to appear at different times? looks like you are at home in Florida :)