Monday, August 11, 2014

In my own hand…




“How does Love apply ?”

Art journal page – August 11, 2014

August Break prompt : Handwriting


Sometimes when I write in my journal and I don’t really want anyone else to ever read what I write, I go over my words with nonsense writing, scribbles that look like cursive handwriting.

The message is illegible, no one could ever be hurt by it,

but I still know what it says.

I also like circling words that are positive or stick out to me.

Today’s writing was questioning what to do when you have conflict with someone you love and care about.

The answer came, as it always does.

When in doubt, Love.

Ain’t always easy,

but it sure feels better in the Soul than the alternatives.

Working on it…


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !



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Unknown said...

That's so cool- it's like your own journaling is sending you these little hidden messages and statements that pop out to you after you write it. Love this!! I am so envious of your creative drive. I feel so drained most days. Coming here and seeing your amazing work (and beach adventures!) fills up my soul!