Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reflecting on the day…


August Break Prompt – Reflections

Digital art piece by Linda Davies.


I had my first house guest in the new Apollo Beach house.

My dear friend Linda is here in FL staying with her mom about two hours south of us.

She made the drive up to have a day of girl friend time and art making.

We reconnected, chatted a lot, had a lovely lunch,

played in our art journals side my side,

and ended the day with a yummy BBQ dinner at a local restaurant with My sweet Hubby David.

It was so nice to have a playmate here !

I have got to get to work on building a tribe here. I love sharing my space with good friends!

Linda gifted me a lovely framed piece of her digital art (Vision – shown above).

It fits in beautifully with my new seaside(ish) home. I love it !

This is the page I worked on in my art journal while we hung out together:


It started out as a kind of mono print spread created with glimmer mist and spray inks and some stencils as well as some india ink dripped on the page with an eye dropper.


Now I have two cool backgrounds to work on.


This first page was done with Sepia India ink and a dip pen and some Distress Ink markers and a blending pen.


Some very cool doodle stories emerging here…


Love the worlds that get created when I let go and let the pen and imagination take me…


I hope this fine Wednesday is treating you well, Beautiful Ones !

Big love !



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Kate Robertson said...

Lovely that you had a visitor already. Wonderful expressive art you have created too! Hugs.

Olivia said...

I agree with my friend Kate, My Queen! You have really settled in quickly, imho. It would have taken me far, far longer to get to creating and also for being able to welcome visitors. Beautiful work! xoO

Anonymous said...

So fun, your imaginary worlds are so inviting. Love the eyes peeking out from your being. Cutest ever tiny bowls. xox

Nadeja said...

Love that you had a friend over. Love that you created art.
Love the art that you created.
That creation speaks to me in a very special way. Feels really good. It kind of speaks of the kind of day you had... Love it!
Love you,

Marit said...

I'm glad you, too, are getting used to the new home and have friends over... I wish we could build that tribe together dear one! The worlds and landscapes you create on the pages are magical indeed and I would love to wonder around for a while... big hug from Zeeland (yep, the province/part of the country I live now is called that way... isn't that nice?!)

Fallingladies said...

i love this, so much to see and imagine in this! hope you are truly enjoying your summer!