Monday, April 21, 2008

Beach Blogger Kimbo

Virginia Beach Rainbow - Sunday Night

Virginia Beach Board Walk - View from our hotel

So our plan was to stop in Washington, D.C. and spend the day in visiting the city on Monday. When we arrived in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside the city, it was pouring rain, I mean thundershowers, torrential downpours ! And the weather forecast called for more of the same on Monday. Also, when we stopped in the beautiful Ole Towne in Alexandria and inquired about a hotel room, the price kind of blew the budget big time. So then it was time to decide, move a little further away from Washington for a cheaper hotel and drive back in on Monday to be tourists in the big city or drive three more hours and arrive at the beach a few days early.

You can tell from the pictures above what we decided. It is still very off season in Virginia Beach so we were able to get out hotel for the two extra nights no problem. When we got there the rain had stopped and we were able to take in the cool ocean air right from our balcony. Then we were blessed with a rainbow !!! (I know it doesn't show up great in the photo !) That was the sign for me that we had done the right thing.

The forecast is kind of sad for the next two days - cold (high 50's) and rainy but that's ok ! David and I are together, we can watch the crazy waves from the balcony bundled up when it's raining and we have nothing to do but be cozy, read, nap, blog and maybe journal a bit. Perfect down time !!!!!

David came up with the name for my post ! Cute, ain't he !


carolyn said...

It sounds like a perfect getaway and very romantic. Enjoy the beach!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I thought you'd be too busy vacationing to blog :-) I'm glad you decided on the beach, it sounds like you got a sweet deal and yes, the rainbow shows up once you read the caption!

Happy snuggling :-)