Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning with the Three Muses

So Dawn at D'Blogala was one of those lucky, smart ladies who went to Artfest. I am so envious ! I have heard so many wonderful things about how people who attend feel like they have had an art experience of a lifetime. This year wasn't my turn but who knows what the future holds ? I have actually never been west of Vegas, baby, but it is definitely in my life plans to hit the West Coast some day. Maybe I can throw the Artfest Experience in there too !

Anyhoo, yesterday, Dawn posted some blind contour drawing pieces that she created during a Water Color Portraits class with Tiphoni at Artfest. I had tried that exercise a long time ago in an art class where we had to draw our hands that way, looking only at what you are drawing and not at the page you are drawing on.

This morning I decided to give it a try. I took a favorite photograph of myself at 5 years old and tried the blind contour technique. I drew the face three times, each time trying to peek a little less !!! Which of the three do you think I peeked the least at while I drew ???

If you guessed the face on the left, you are correct !!! I showed the drawings to the hubby and he thought the left on was very Picasso-esque ! Maybe this is how Picasso did his stuff ? Who knows ! I took the three drawings and the inspirational photo and created this page in my journal - it's called "The Three Muses".

It was supposed to be rainy and cold today in NH but instead we have nice sunshine and warm temps (56 degrees). It feels good on the one hand - especially now that we are finally mostly snow free !!! But I was kinda looking forward to a rainy day where I wouldn't feel guilty being inside in the studio instead of outside with the hubby picking up the winter's dog poop and raking the leaves leftover from the fall. Oh, well, I will deal with the guilt later !!! Sorry, sweet hubby, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do !


carolyn said...

Hi Kim~
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I am so excited to be blogging now. I've been a lurker for so long!
I like all three faces you did but am fond of the Picasso one!
Also, I am practically your neighbor! I am located in Massachusetts and am in southern NH quite often.(in Exeter every other weekend actually and sometimes Stratham and Rye)
Are you near those areas?

Jennifer said...

Hi Kim! I'm glad you found my blog since now I've found yours :-) Can't wait to keep reading and see what beautiful things that you have created. I love your contour drawings and your image of you with the crown...LOVE that one :-)