Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interview With The Artist - Part II

Interviewer :So Kim, what is your biggest fear ?
Kim : That someone will read this interview and send in the guys with the white coats !!!!(laughs heartily)
Interviewer : No really, what is it ?
Kim : (long pause) For a long time I have felt like my biggest fear is dying, but I have come to realize that it not the dying that scares me so much as the thought of a wasted life. That is it. My greatest fear is a life wasted.
Interviewer : Do you feel like you are wasting your life ?
Kim : Yes, sometimes. I think I waste a lot of my time worrying. Worrying about how I can feel fulfilled, worrying about losing the people I love or having to watch them suffer, worrying about my own health, worrying about the environment and how we have ruined it beyond repair, worrying about having enough money to live well, worrying that the boogie man under the bed is gonna get me somehow !
Interviewer : That's a lot of worry !
Kim : Ya, I know !!! It sucks !! That is why I turn to my art so much these days. Why I think it is the answer for me. When I am creating, I don't worry. I just am. I get into the moment and play with color, ideas, techniques, the textures. There are two things in my life that really help me when I am worrying too much. One is my art and the other is my loving relationships with my family and friends. When I am with those sweet, funny, caring, complex people who really get me, I am not wasting my time worrying. I am just there, enjoying the experience, sharing the time doing whatever we are doing. Like I said, those are the two things that keep me sane.
Interviewer : "Mostly sane" is what you said
Kim : Ya, mostly sane. I think the best people, the most interesting people, the people I want to be around, have a certain element of "craziness" to them. I think totally sane would be boring !
Interviewer : So Kim, to wind up our interview, I am going to ask you a couple of questions I like to ask all my guests.
Kim : Go for it ! I love it when Oprah does it on her celebrity shows !
Interviewer : Okay. Favorite Color ?
Kim : Green
Interviewer : Favorite food ?
Kim : Raspberries in summer. Oh, and rare roast beef with all the fixings ! Sorry all you vegetarians out there ! That was the feast from my childhood.
Interviewer : When was your first kiss ?
Kim : Oh, Peter, the red headed class clown, in the fifth grade !
Interviewer : Favorite luxury item ?
Kim : Expensive high thread count cotton sheets ! I change my bed twice a week just to enjoy them even more ! I am worth it !
Interviewer : How would you like people to remember you ?
Kim : "She always said yes when you asked her to come out and play !"
Interviewer : Thanks for sharing, Kim, and for being so open.
Kim : You're welcome. It was fun !
If you would like to know more about Kim Mailhot and her artistic life, check out her blog "Queen of Arts" on Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Really great, Kim!! Well done =)

Anonymous said...

Fun and funny, Kim. I think you may start an epidemic of self interviewing. I can't wait to do mine!

Rosie said...

Okay, I read Julie's interview too and thoroughly enjoyed it, not so sure I'd do that myself though... You are very funny, warm and hugely talented, so I'm not surprised that you turn to art as an escape! However, worrying is such a waste of energy, please don't! (Says she, worrying that her family have rumbling tummies and she really should feed them soon...) *G*

Jo Wholohan said...

this is the coolest idea, so very clever!!!